Products I Regret Buying

I have been thinking about writing this for a little while as I enjoy reading these types of posts. I have a few products in my collection that really didn’t live up to the hype or didn’t work for me. Whilst this is part of buying makeup and finding things that work for you, it can still be annoying especially if it was high end.


Lime Crime Velvetines 
I bought these after seeing a lot of influencers use the lip products, however Lime Crime as a brand seem to not really get mentioned any more. I wanted to try their liquid lipsticks, and so bought 2 then was gifted 3. Initially I liked them, on a night out as they lasted well without needing a top up. When it came to a day trip I definitely regretted my lip choice, by the time it was lunch my lips were so dry and looked terrible. I also found after owning them all since last Spring a few of the formulas have gone thick and lumpy. Which is annoying as they haven’t been worn a major amount.

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop
After seeing one of my favourite beauty influencers at the time create, as Jaclyn called it a universal highlight for all skin tones. At the time when it came out a few years ago I was just getting into makeup (it was also my first blog post!) and I was excited that I could have a highlight that would suit my pale complexion. However I find it is slightly too dark for my skin tone. It looks better in the summer, but I really find I don’t use it much unless I mix it with another paler highlight.

Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint
I bought this again last Spring, when I swatched it in store, it was only just slightly darker than my skint tone. However on my face it is a few shades darker and is quite noticeable. Even though the store assistant assured me it would be okay on combination skin, it really isn’t. I find it to be super matte. It is matte formula but I didn’t expect it to be so matte! On my skin it clings to every dry patch on my skin, some I didn’t even know I had.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette
Okay, okay hear me out! I waited so long to try this palette as I loved how everyone used it online! I do really like the shade range and the pigmentation is amazing. However the reason it is in this post is because I really don’t reach for it as much as I thought I would. I find that when I pick up the pigment there is a lot of kick back, and much of the product is wasted. So if the formula was better and the brown shades were less orangey and more brown then it would be more up my street.

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer
After seeing this hyped up so much and it was sold out in my local Superdrug, I managed to pick this up whilst in Brighton. I was hoping it could be my my new holy grail, however it was not to be. Whilst it does give great coverage, I find that the longevity isn’t there. It creases awfully under my eyes as well as on my smile line, which never happened to me before with a skin product!

And for now those are all the things I really thought I would enjoy more than I have! Thank you so much for reading! What product do you wish you loved more but didn’t live up to the hype?

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17 thoughts on “Products I Regret Buying

  1. Brittney Ross says:

    I definitely had a similar experience with the Jaclyn Hill x Becca highlight, it looks beautiful on so many people, but it’s just not the best for me. I definitely love the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, though I totally understand the feeling about the browns being a little too orange-y, I totally agree. I’m also a big fan of the Makeup Revolution concealer. I reach for it waaaaaayyyy more than my Shape Tape and haven’t really had trouble with it creasing. However I have RIDICULOUSLY dry skin so maybe that’s why it seems to stay put and not crease up on me. In any case, great post, thank you so much for sharing! xo

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  2. Miss Beauty Guru says:

    I know what you mean about the the lime crime velvetines. I first discovered the brand when my cousin was wearing it on her wedding day and it looked sooo pigmented but throughout the day it was awful, it was crusty and cracking everywhere. But I’m so upset to hear about the ABH palette, it is one of my favourite palettes ever!

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  3. Nova says:

    ABH palettes certainly do have a lot of kick back which is really too bad. I just purchased the Soft Glam palette a couple months ago and I have already hit 4 pans. I’ve been using it a ton, but the pannage is certainly exacerbated by how much kickback there is. However, the way the formula performs is impeccable, so their palettes are still favourites in my collection.

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