Change is a Good Thing & A Giveaway {CLOSED}

Do you ever get the feeling where you feel like the person you were even 12 months ago wasn’t you? The person you were 12 months ago seems like a distant far off version of yourself, a skin that has been shed long ago.

Not long ago I finished my last assignment of university and it was crazy. We had an end of year show and it was the craziest 48 hours! It seems mad to me that I have finished the first year. I cannot believe where the past 12 months has taken me. I think I have spoken about this in a previous blog post about how I feel like life has been crazy as to how I have changed over the past year. 12 months ago I was having panic attacks almost 3 times every single day. 12 months ago I felt stuck in a dark hole and I couldn’t figure out which direction the light was.

For me I was in a job that I hadn’t really chosen for myself, it had sort of happened. I have no A Levels and so because I was trained in just one specific area of work I struggled to get jobs that weren’t in that area. I felt trapped and in a job I knew I didn’t want to be in, but struggled to get a way out. I felt angry that I had certain opportunities taken away due to an abusive relationship*. That the relationship defined who I was because I couldn’t see how I was ever going to change my situation.

Sunset I took in my local area

So after battling with my mental health and feeling so lost and trapped my parents helped me decide what to do about my situation. I applied for apprenticeships and a university course. I never actually thought I would get into a university course as I don’t have any A Levels and only trained in one thing. I never knew what course I wanted to do, however after seeing the course I applied for I knew it was for me.

Much to my surprise I got in and was accepted onto the course. I couldn’t believe I’d actually got onto a university course. It took me a few weeks to accept the placement as I was scared about changing my life. I handed in my notice to my job, which even though I knew I didn’t want to do it forever, was still scary as it was comfort and I was about to go into the unknown.

Fast forward 9 months and my life has totally changed. I am happy with where I am in life. I’m no longer angry at the world for my situation. I have taken a massive negative situation that happened and, even though it took a few years, I have finally turned it into a positive. A positive so big that I know now that just because I was in an abusive relationship it never needed to define me. It was a horrendous thing to go through at a young age and I would never wish it upon anyone. But I finally found the light and made my peace with the world.  Anger doesn’t get you anywhere and it may take a while finding the end of the tunnel. But once the light is found it is the most beautiful view. Don’t ever let anyone take your dreams away. There is always a way for them to be achieved.

So to spread positivity onto you my amazing readers who have helped in reading, commenting and liking my posts I wanted to do a giveaway.


There are an assortment of products that you can win, some are in their packaging and some don’t have any packaging as that’s how I received them i.e. the Soap & Glory mascara and eyeliner as they came from the advent calendar. So here are the goodies up for grabs:

  • Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara
  • Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen
  • Rimmel Sculpting Palette in 002 Coral Glow
  • Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Vintage Pink
  • Barry M Lip & Nail Kit – Matte Me Up Liquid Lip Paint in Bittersweet and Gel Nail Paint in Opulent
  • No 7 Matte Lip Crayon Mini
  • MAC 129 and 202 brush

If you fancy winning a few little goodies all you need to do is;

  1. Follow my blog – Hannah Amethyst
  2. Follow my Instagram – @hannahamethyst 
  3. Comment below a goal you’ve achieved this year, as well as your Instagram handle so I know you’ve entered!

And thats it! I’ll be keeping a record of who has followed, so please don’t unfollow that’s mean and I’ll know! Haha, the giveaway ends June 23rd, with the winner being DM’d via Instagram and announced on June 24th! The giveaway is only for UK residents, sorry if you’re across the globe – my next giveaway will be worldwide! Thank you for reading and good luck!


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*If you or anyone you know may be/been in an abusive relationship there is always help out there to help with the situation or with recovery:

13 thoughts on “Change is a Good Thing & A Giveaway {CLOSED}

  1. elise says:

    A goal I have achieved in the past year is being more self-confident. I have posted more pictures of myself on Instagram in the past week than in previous two years! My Insta handle is @talkingtoelise X

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  2. DDloves says:

    The goal I’ve achieved this year was finding happiness. After a bad year from a toxic relationship/breakup I’m finally in a better place.

    I’m glad things are going well for you ❤️

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  3. Daniela says:

    I am really glad for you that your family were able to help you in the end. Being in bad relationship is difficult because it makes you feel small and sometimes you don’t even know how you got in a situation you never thought you would tolerate to live in.

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  4. danniijane says:

    I’m glad you’re in a better place💕 My achievement is I’ve lost a stone so far. Medication made me gain 3 stone which knocked my confidence but I’m starting to feel better again😊 x

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