Urban Decay vs NYX Glitter Liners

`I have been a little MIA from the internet over the past week as there have been some drastic changes, which have been time consuming. But I hope to be back to my regular schedule and update you all soon as to what’s been going on! Let’s jump into today’s post! As a makeup junkie I love to try new beauty products, especially when they are similar to a high end product. So when I picked up the NYX Liquid Crystal Liner last year and the Urban Decay Heavy Metals in Midnight Cowboy in April, I thought it would make a good comparison post!


Just before NYX launched into Boots stores near me, I made a little order on Boots.com and picked up their Liquid Crystal Liner in the Shade 04 Silk. This is a true golden glitter shade. I picked up Midnight Cowboy,  which is a champagne golden glitter.

NYX Liquid Crystal Liner is £7.50 for 5ml and Urban Decays Heavy Metals is £15 for 7.5ml. Which I think is good for a drugstore and high end glitter liner.
The brushes on both glitter liners are very similar. The NYX brush is slightly thicker and brings out more product compared to the Urban Decay brush. Packaging wise they are both the same in bottles, but I do prefer Urban Decay’s as it wipes off any excess product as you pull it out of the tube. Plus I find it easy to keep cleaner around the top, as less product is pulled out. I find the NYX one, if the glitter isn’t cleaned off after use at the top the glitter, can become hard and crusty.


I find when applying them over the top of eyeshadows, Midnight Cowboy looks so much better as it’s not a thick consistency so applies like a glitter would. It enhances the eyeshadow and really makes it pop. Whereas I found Silk to just sit on top of the eyeshadow and almost be an eyeshadow. You can check out the NYX glitter liner here and Urban Decays Midnight Cowboy here.

They both stay on the skin/eyes brilliantly throughout the time worn. Although I find the Heavy Metals to rub off easier compared to NYX. But when it comes to removing the glitters (which I use The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil) the NYX one I find to be a nightmare. It really sticks to my skin and I find I really have to scrub the glitter to get it of. Whereas the Heavy Metals come off so easily!


Above is swatches of both shades. On the left is NYX Liquid Crystal Liner in Silk and on the right is Urban Decay Heavy Metals in Midnight Cowboy. Silk is a much thicker glitter liner compared to Midnight Cowboy.  Both glitters are with two swipes and two dips into the glitter.

The only downsides to the NYX Liquid Glitter Liner is that they are not meant for use on the eyes. Which I only found out after using it on my eyes! I found when the glitter liner was applied to my eyes it gave my eyes a burning sensation and really irritated my eyes. It’s described on Boots.com as:
Infused with glamorous micro-glitter for sparkling sex appeal this fine brush tip allows for precision application and can be used to create lines of varying thickness. Perfect for parties and date-night drama.

Which to me when I read it, sounded like it can be applied to the eyes for a dramatic look.  However it says in small print of the lid of the liner that it’s not intended to be used on the eyes. Whereas the Urban Decay glitter liners can be applied on the eyes and don’t cause me any irritation or burning sensation on my eyes. So if you are after a glitter liner to apply to your eyes I wouldn’t recommend the NYX ones.

Overall if I’m after a glitter liner I want to be able to apply it on my eyes and my skin, I would choose the Urban Decay Heavy Metals. I also find I prefer the finish of the Heavy Metals to the Liquid Glitter Liner. I continue to experiment with glittery makeup (on my skin only!) using the NYX one, but after it runs out I won’t be repurchasing it. If you fancy reading a full review of the Urban Decay Heavy Metals you can read my review here!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have found this comparison to be helpful! What is your favourite glitter liner to use?

Until next time!


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12 thoughts on “Urban Decay vs NYX Glitter Liners

  1. Stephanie Grace says:

    I did the exact same thing with the Nyx liner i applied it round my eyes got such a bad burning sensation that wore off after about 10 minutes but then read it wasn’t for use round the eyes! Which to me seems pretty redundant because I wouldn’t want to use it anywhere else! X

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    • Amethyst Rose Beauty says:

      I did the same, I just waited to see if the burning sensation would wear off! I know I thought the same thing!x


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