bPerfect Perfect Primer Eye Shadow Base Review

Eye bases are very hit or miss, they either work or they crease there’s no in between. I love the bPerfect palettes so it made sense to try their eye primer. I picked mine up from Beauty Bay but it can also be bought on their own website.

For £9.95 there is 20ml of product and is a light beige shade. The primer is described as:

Make sure your killer eyeshadow looks slay all day and all night with BPerfect’s Perfect Prime. The lightweight cream formula defines the brows, preps the lids for eyeshadow, and gives the ultimate staying power for vibrant, long-lasting colour. The crease-proof, neutral toned formula can be applied as a full coverage or buffed out for any eyeshadow look.

The primer is in the same kind of packaging as the Urban Decay Primer Potion in that is a tube with a wand applicator. It’s a thin consistency and super easy to apply and blend out. I use a large flat brush to pat this all over the eye lid and it blends in well with my skin.

I have used this primer a lot of times and I prefer to use it when I am using a shimmer/pigment on the eyelid as I find the primer can crease when I use just matte shadows. I do have hooded eyelids and not sure if that’s why the primer creases. So I would disagree that it’s a crease-proof base.

However when applying it under the eye as a concealer/base for lower lash line shadow I love it! As it has a peachy tone it cancels out a lot of darkness under the eyes and so makes a great concealer! I find it so much easier to blend shadows on my lower lash line when I use this plus it’s a two in one and saves me applying concealer over the top! It does crease however under the eyes, but all concealers crease on me by the end of the night where I talk so much!

However, when it comes to making eyeshadow vibrant when applied on top and it is super easy to blend shadow right on top. I do like this primer, more so for under the eyes! Not sure if I would repurchase, maybe if it was on offer.

Do you use eye primers? Let me know in the comments if you do and which you use!

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