Sample Beauty x Beth Painter The Painters Palette Review

I have followed Beth Painter on Instagram for a very long time and when she announced she was coming out with a palette I knew it was something that would be up my street! Her collaboration is with Sample Beauty, a brand I had seen on insta but never tried anything from so was looking forward to trying my first product from them.

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Looking back at 2020

I think we can all agree 2020 was the craziest year of them all. No one could’ve predicted the insane time we would all go through. From hearing about the coronavirus at the beginning of the year and how blasé everyone was about it in January and how it was only effecting China, to suddenly impacting the entire world by mid March.

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Elf Jelly Highlighter | Review

On a trip to Boots I found they had an Elf set on sale, as I had never tried anything from the brand I decided to give it a go. The set included some products I had seen lots of beauty influencers rave about so was looking forward to seeing what they were like! Included in the set was the Jelly Highlight, and as I’d been after a new liquid highlight it was a perfect time to try this one!

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