Current Favourites Summer 2021

It feels like a lifetime ago I wrote my last current favourites in September! So much seems to have happened since last September and like so much time has passed but also no time at all! The lockdown this year has been the toughest and I know a lot of people have felt the same. But there will be no mention of the C (corona virus) -word here. As we are easing out of lockdown I have been trying a few different products and have found some new staples in my collection!

Starting with skincare, over the last year I developed really bad acne, which is something I have never suffered with before. It was at it’s worst last summer and has slowly been getting better. Recently I have really stripped back my skincare and only use a handful of products everyday. My skin has dramatically improved and I think it’s mainly down to not using as many products and also the La Roche Posay Efficlar Duo, I use the cleanser and face cream both day and night. Adding an eye cream and SPF for the day time. I have loved using these two from La Roche Posay, my scars and redness are starting to heal and I have been getting less painful breakouts. I highly recommend these two products if you have been suffering with spots/acne, they have really changed the game for me!

bPerfect x Stacey Marie Carnival Love Tahiti Palette

Setting powders are either a hit or a miss and for me the Fenty Pro Filt’r Setting Powder, this is the best setting powder I’ve ever tried. Beating the popular Laura Mercier setting powder to the top spot for me, this powder is everything. It’s light-weight, sets my under eyes without making them feel dry, and sets my t-zone perfectly. There’s no cakey feeling like some setting powders give, just pure butteriness. What I really love about this product is that it sets my pores like no other, patting a small amount on and BAM, pores no more. Of course skin prep is key to this also, but this powder really enhances a smooth and flawless finish.

Over the last few months I have loved the Carnival Love Tahiti palette from BPerfect x Stacey Marie MUA. I love all the bPerfect palettes I have, they all have the same amazing formula and are so pigmented! This palette has so many colours in and is different from the XL Pro Palette, there are similar shades but they have different undertones. The shades are so easy to blend and I have created so many different looks with this palette! Plus I have been using some shades not only for the eyes but also as blush and highlighter!

Speaking of eyeshadow palettes I have loved using the Peaches and Cream brushes to apply eyeshadow with! There are so many different brush styles to choose from and they have some budget friendly Pick N Mix options to get some brushes at a discounted price! They are so soft and just make blending shadows a dream. I have quite a few in my collection now and I honestly couldn’t do looks without them! They have some great smaller brushes that I love to use for more detailed looks. If you haven’t already I highly recommend trying these brushes!

Another amazing product from Peaches and Cream I have been loving are their lip liners, Punchline and Feline are my two current go to’s at the moment. Punchline is a gorgeous brown liner and my favourite lipstick to pair it with is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cabo. It creates a beautiful ombre lip and I haven’t been able to stop wearing it!

Jordana Ticia are a brand I had been lusting over for the longest time, and when I finally bought a few goodies they did not disappoint! Their blushers have fast become my favourites! I have the shade Lotts of Love, which is a shimmery peachy pink and looks stunning on the skin. The shimmer is subtle and isn’t glittery plus makes any highlight blend in like a dream on top of it! Lotts of Love has been my go to for months now and I will definitely be picking more up from Jordana Ticia!

That’s it for some of the products I have been loving recently! What products have you been loving, let me know in the comments below

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