End of Year Makeup Declutter & Donation 2018

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a fab festive season! I have been busy wrapping presents and getting as much uni work done before tomorrow so I can relax for a few days! Every 6 months or so I like to go through my collection and really have a good sort out of what I’ve been using, what may have expired and makeup I just haven’t reached for. So with the end of year fast approaching I emptied my entire makeup collection onto my bedroom floor and went through everything. 

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September & October Empties 2017!

Hello everyone! I am back today with my penultimate empties post for this year! How crazy that there are two months left and it’s 2018! I have used up more skincare than makeup products over the past couple of months, not for any reason everything always seems to run out around the same time! So lets see what I have been enjoying using and what I’m glad to be rid of!

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January/February Empties 2017

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well! Today’s post is something a little different. I have recently been enjoying reading empties posts and so I decided to try it for myself! So I stashed all the skincare and makeup products I used from the beginning of January until the end of February. I never realised how many products I would use up!

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