End of Year Makeup Declutter & Donation 2018

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a fab festive season! I have been busy wrapping presents and getting as much uni work done before tomorrow so I can relax for a few days! Every 6 months or so I like to go through my collection and really have a good sort out of what I’ve been using, what may have expired and makeup I just haven’t reached for. So with the end of year fast approaching I emptied my entire makeup collection onto my bedroom floor and went through everything. 

I decided to be ruthless in what I was going to keep and what I was going to donate/get rid of. I made three piles, one I was going to keep, one for makeup that was too old to donate and another pile of makeup to donate. I had seen a lot of American YouTubers say that they donate makeup they don’t use to women’s shelter, after doing some research I found a few women’s shelters in the area I live as well as larger organisations.

A few things I am going to donate/say adios to

When it came to choosing what to donate to a shelter I made sure the makeup was still in good condition, hadn’t been overly used and something I wouldn’t be embarrassed to give to a friend. I chose to donate to a shelter rather than simply throwing it away as not only is that creating more waste but it helps someone who is in need and doesn’t have much. Plus it’s a good feeling to give to others, it’s exactly like donating clothes except with makeup!  

Once I had organised everything, I then re-organised my makeup storage before getting the makeup I wanted to donate in a small makeup bag. As I had organised everything before Christmas I rang my local shelter to see if they were accepting donations, unfortunately they weren’t due to using their storage for children’s presents. 

A few things I am going to donate/say adios to

There are many women’s shelters that would love to have any unused makeup/toiletries. So once all the festivities are over I’ll be sending out my unused makeup. 

Women’s shelters that you can donate makeup and toiletries to:

Caroline Hirons
Women’s Aid

Don’t forget to check your local area for any shelters you can donate to as well. Thank you for reading, until next time 


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