Another Lockdown Haul

So over the last few months I have bought some new goodies to try, after all there hasn’t been much else to spend money on! So I picked up a few pieces I have had my eye on trying for a while!

First up is Peaches and Cream, at the beginning of the month they had a 3 for 2 sale on some items and I couldn’t resist! I needed some new brushes so got 10 brushes for £35! I picked up the Prin pigment which is stunning and makes an amazing highlighter! I then decided to pick up the HotLine lip liner set, which is 5 nude lip liners. Peaches lip liners are one of my faves and so picked up all 5 to try! I also decided to pick up some of their lashes as I’d never tried them before and they were half price!

The Doll Beauty highlight palette, a few (dirty) Peaches and Cream brushes I picked up and Fairy Dolly lash from Eldora

Doll Beauty also had a sale of their old packaging so as I had never tried them but seen them all the time on social media I picked up their Gimme Sun bronzers in Light and Medium, a highlight palette, pair of lashes in the style Aquarius and the Push Poppin eyeliner. Whilst I’m not a huge fan of the smell of their bronzers or highlighters (it’s a semi-strong chemical smell) they perform amazingly! Gimme Sun can really be built up and the highlighters are stunning!

From Eldora I won a competition they ran on their Instagram account and won a set of lashes, which came in the most stunning packaging! I almost don’t want to use them as the packaging is so cute! My favourites so far are Fairy Dolly and Wild Spirit!

Jordana Ticia blush in Lotts of Love and the Doll Beauty Gimme Sun

Another brand I had been wanting to try from for ages was Jordana Ticia, they have the most stunning packaging! I decided to try a few different things, I picked up their blush in Lotts of Love, Trixie highlighter and Pixie Dust lip gloss. The blush is possibly my favourite blush I’ve used and will definitely be picking up more shades! The highlighter is slightly too dark for my skin, but when applied lightly it still looks stunning on and blends into the blush seamlessly! I will definitely be trying more from Jordana Ticia, plus the products came in a little cosmetic bag that is lightly padded, which I love for eventually being able to go on holiday!

Those are all the goodies that have made their way into my collection! I’m sure it won’t be long before more will make their way haha! Thank you for reading, until next time


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