Quarantine Haul

Coincidently I went shopping in Bristol a week before lockdown, there were rumours that the country would be put on lockdown, I had been wanting to go shopping regardless as I wanted to pick up some new things. We had just timed it that the coronavirus was starting to hit the UK and everyone was starting to panic buy.

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Trying More from TopShop Beauty!

Hello everyone, recently I picked up some more goodies from Topshop as part of being a brand ambassador! This is my second order of beauty from the Topshop range, you can see what I tried first from the range here! I was so impressed with the first few products I tried I was really looking forward to trying some more! There are so many things to try from the range I really had to narrow it down to a handful of items! All Topshop beauty is cruelty free and ranges from £5-£16, which is a bargain!

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My Fave Face Brushes!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well this Wednesday! I adore makeup it’s no secret.  Yet here on my blog I have never really mentioned any makeup brushes. I feel like no matter what makeup is in your collection, good brushes are important. Brushes can really enhance a makeup application. So here are all of my fave face brushes to use;

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