P.Louise x Mmmmitchell Acid Reign Blank Canvas Review

It’s no secret that P.Louise changed the game in makeup, she created revolutionary bases and now she has changed the game again. This time in collaboration with Mmmmitchell. They created 6 initial permanent shades, each £14.50.

I chose the shade Blank Canvas as it’s a neutral shade and had been raved about for being the best product to cut the crease. I love a good cut crease, so of course I had to try it! For £14.50 you get a very small amount of product, which I was a bit annoyed at initially as for almost £15 the tube is very small. The Acid Reign collection I described as;

ACID REIGN is the coming together of the ‘King & Queen’ of makeup as we support one another to build an alliance to encourage others to do the same.The packaging is a combination of our personalities I’d say. Colour and craziness in a box! The brick wall design of the collection box symbolises the two of us taking the bricks that sometimes may get thrown at us from online communities and social media platforms (oh how we love that) and how we take them to build an empire.

However, my initial annoyance at the product being so small didn’t last long as I realised you really don’t need a lot of the product to achieve a smooth cut crease. A little really does go a long way, plus too much product and it can cause it to crack and not set well.

I have been using this product for every single cut crease look and I don’t think I could use anything else! It is so pigmented, easy to use and sets to be slightly tacky. When doing a cut crease I always wipe eyeshadow off the area first with makeup remover on a cotton bud, or I find the base changes colour with whatever colour is on the lid.

I would say to always take any excess product off Blank Canvas using a foundation brush or another flat brush, just to make sure the product doesn’t crease (if you have hooded eyes like me) even with pigments on top. To apply it I use a patting motion rather than swipe it on as this is the best way to get a good even layer. It is also a thick product meaning it can be a pain to take off, so I would recommend an oil based remover to take this off as they break down the product best.

Overall it’s an amazing product and I can’t wait to pick up more shades from the Acid reign collection, it really has changed the way I apply and use makeup! For such a small tube, I have used it countless times and I still don’t think I’ve made much of a dent in it! If you’re a makeup lover like me you definitely need this in you life! It really has changed the game and made cut creases so much easier to get smooth and still get a pigmented shadow on top!

Thank you so much for reading, have you tried anything from P.Louise? Let me know in the comments below!

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