Dust & Dance Glitters Review

Glitter is an essential part of every makeup artist and enthusiasts collection, however I don’t think I have ever reviewed glitter pots here on my blog! So today we are changing that! Dust and Dance, ran by Jade, is a fab company that I have been using for years now and I am also apart of their brand ambassadors!*

From the top: Pumpkin Spice, Starry Sky, Metal Mix and Holographic Stars

All the glitters from Dust and Dance are biodegradable, which means they break down when exposed to microbes and wet conditions in around 4 weeks as they don’t contain plastic! The glitters are made from plant cellulose (found in trees) and are suitable for the face, hair and body!

I have quite a few of the glitters now and have used them for various makeup looks! Plus they are fantastic for summer when there are festivals and parties etc! They are easy to apply, all you need is some glitter glue which is also available on Dust and Dance, and a flat brush to pat on the glue then the glitter on top!

Using the Metal Mix glitter
Using the Pixie Iridescent Blue glitter
Using the Pumpkin Spice and Rose gold glitter mixed

They are super affordable, under £3.50 each and also come in multipacks where you can get more for less! This is just a handful of the glitters available on the site which you can check out here! Plus I have a discount code – hannahamethyst – which you can use to save even more money!

*As a brand ambassador I have received products for free, however all opinions are my own

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