Suva Beauty Hydra Liner Review

It took me a while to jump on the bandwagon of liners activated by water, I wasn’t convinced I needed them. But as I started doing more intricate looks I realised actually they were exactly what I needed! I decided to pick up the Suva Beauty Hydra Liners in Grease (black) and Space Panda (white) each £12.50.

The Hydra Liners are described as:

A cake liner with a matte finish. 

Get creative with Hydra Liner. Completely smudge-proof and transfer-proof, this opaque formula is perfect for delivering intense colour to the lash line or creating face and body art. Activate with water to create a bold matte effect that stays in place all night long. Vegan and cruelty free.

Space Panda (left) and Grease (right) the do look neater when they arrive mine are just well loved!

The liners are in clear plastic pots and I use the lids of the liners to spray water into and dip my brush into the water then into the product. I made the mistake of just putting the water into the product, it can make the product too watery and not as pigmented as it can be when applied.

I do find it can be a balance of getting the right amount of water to product, but it’s easy to build up and unless a lot is applied or too much product and not enough water then the liners can crack. I like to use a thin brush to apply these liners for more intricate looks.

I have done many different looks using these liners and they are so easy to use, plus with the amount I’ve used them there’s hardly a dent so they’ll last such a long time! I have been happily surprised at how many times they have come in handy. Plus with the white liner it’s easy to mix in a pigment or shadow into it and a new colour is created! Just scrape some of the shadow into the lid (or on top of an eyeshadow palette) mix in some of the white liner and you’re good to go!

I definitely recommend these liners whether you want to use them for creating everyday looks like winged liner or get more creative! The best and worst thing about these products are that they are activated with water, so as long as you go out somewhere and don’t get wet they’ll stay in place! Have you tried water activated liners? Let me know in the comments! Until next time

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