2017 Goals Update | 3 Months In

Hi everyone! I hope you are all okay! As we are now 3 months into 2017, cue cliche saying of I can’t believe 3 months of 2017 has already gone! Seriously where is the time going!? But for real though how does it go by so quickly? I thought I would do a 3 month update of how my goals are going.


In my Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017 post I mentioned a handful of goals I wanted to achieve this year. In the post I didn’t include all the goals I wanted to achieve this year, so with the updates there will be some I included in the post and others I wrote down to do.  Now that we are about to enter April I wanted to reflect on the things I’ve achieved so far off my Goal List and get motivation to tick even more things off in the next few months!

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