Mid-Year Favourites 2019

I’m not sure how this has happened, but somehow I have yet to do a favourites this year. I have been trying a lot of new products this year and have found some new faves. I also wanted to mix it up and share a few lifestyle things I have also been loving!

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Trying More from TopShop Beauty!

Hello everyone, recently I picked up some more goodies from Topshop as part of being a brand ambassador! This is my second order of beauty from the Topshop range, you can see what I tried first from the range here! I was so impressed with the first few products I tried I was really looking forward to trying some more! There are so many things to try from the range I really had to narrow it down to a handful of items! All Topshop beauty is cruelty free and ranges from £5-£16, which is a bargain!

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The Relaunch of Topshop Beauty!

If you follow my Instagram you may have seen I had picked a few goodies as part of being one of Topshops brand ambassadors * does an extremely excited dance *. Which I am so so grateful for and so excited to be apart of! Last November Topshop relaunched their beauty line, giving everything a super sleek and chic makeover! There’s so much to choose from in the Topshop beauty collection, plus with everything ranging from £5 – £16 it’s super affordable and as a bonus they are cruelty free!

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