A Few of My Fave Current Drugstore Products

No matter what the price, you either love a product or can live without it. When it comes to the drugstore makeup, it’s no secret that there can be some absolute gems on the shelves. Beating their high end counterpart. So after reorganising my collection again, I thought I would share a few products I can’t live without!

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NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review!

Although I don’t live near a store that stocks NYX, I have certainly watched videos containing their products or heard about their products. And it wasn’t until earlier in the year that I discovered that Boots.com stock NYX products. So are perusing the website I was struck most was their Soft Matte Lip Creams. It was the ‘Soft Matte’ description that got me curious. How can it be soft and matte? Most matte lip products, without lip preparation can be very drying and the opposite of soft!

So I did some online research looking at all the different colours to see which one I would most like. I’ve never bought make up online as I like to buy it in store to see for myself if I’ll like it. This was a first, so I tried to pick the colour I would like most i.e. which colour was similar to the ones I already own! In the end I went for Cannes.

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