Getting Over a Friendship

Getting over a friendship is something no one can prepare you for. One day you have someone on your side the next they’re gone. It’s not like a breakup where it’s apparent you aren’t together any more. Some friendships fade, others end in an argument and some just disappear out of the blue.

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A Little Bit of Selfcare

Hello everyone, today’s post is something a bit different. I for one am guilty of not giving myself enough me time. Mainly because I’ve been super busy and life can get in the way sometimes. But having said that there is nothing better than having a full on pamper session in the evening (or any time of the day)!   It makes me feel so relaxed and ready for what the next week has to bring! I have been trying to have at least a few hours a week just for me, it’s so important to give time to yourself to recharge and to not have everything constantly whirling around on a never ending to do list! So here are the things I like to do just for me!

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2019 Goals

Over the last few years on my blog I have written down a few of my goals I want to achieve throughout the year to share with you. This year I wasn’t planning on writing one. However, as I sat down to write up a different blog post, I hard the urge to write down a few goals.

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Lets Talk: About Being Self Confident

Growing up I was never someone who was naturally confident. I was shy and had zero self confidence. I over thought and over analysed everything and I never felt good enough.  I would look at the girls around me and wonder why I couldn’t be more like them: prettier, loads of friends and super confident.

In junior school I would be teased by the boys, they used to make fun of how big my lips were. They called me fish lips, pulling back their own lips to make them bigger. Being  9 I couldn’t understand why they would make fun of my lips. My parents would just say to ignore it and that they’re only jealous. Which still didn’t make sense to me, why would they be jealous of my lips and convey it by making fun of me?!

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