My Birthday 2018!

As a winter baby usually I get pretty cold weather around my birthday, and on a few occasions even snow! This year I decided to go to venture out of the usual places I have been to in recent years and go to Cardiff. I went there last summer with my Mum after not going there for years. So decided to go back for my birthday, so my Mum, Dad and I hopped onto the train and off into the sunshine (literally).

In Cardiff the weather was lush, if it wasn’t for the chilling wind it could have been mistaken for a Spring day. We mainly spent the day in St Davids shopping centre and around it. I love spending time with my parents, plus St Davids has quite a few shops that aren’t in my home town so it was nice to peruse. My birthday landed on a Friday so it wasn’t too busy in the shopping centre or on the train. I loved spending time in Cardiff and it had better weather than back home!

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Long Weekend in Cornwall

Earlier in the month Tom and I went for a long weekend away. When picking where we’d like to spend our time we decided upon Cornwall. I have never been to Cornwall and so I was excited to explore! A few days before we were due to go there I looked up things to do in Cornwall and I found so many things to do! So Tom and I narrowed it down to a few choices. I took so many photos from the long weekend and it was so hard to narrow it down to a hand full from each day!

We stayed in St Austell and it took us a good few hours to get there! When we did we first went to Charlestown, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Mainly because Tom wanted to surprise me by taking me there before we went to our hotel. Arriving in Charlestown, which is a village that has a Georgian Port, the weather was gorgeous. We grabbed a cold drink before exploring the village.

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