How Far I’ve Come with Anxiety

I haven’t written about my anxiety for a little while now. Recently you may have read about my day trip to London, which you can read here. I haven’t been to London for years, it always triggered my anxiety with the huge crowds of people and constant bustling. So for a long time I never went back. However I recently went back and I really surprised myself.

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Changing My Life & Giveaway Winner!

Over the past two months my blog and YouTube channel have really been taking a back seat. If you’re read my Spreading Positivity post or seen my Current Fave’s video, you’ll know I have been changing my life. And I can tell you it was scary.

Over the summer I became single, the relationship wasn’t working any more. In the relationship I had been heavily reliant on him. I’ve never had loads of friends and it was always easier to just chat to him about things because he was my best friend too. I knew it wasn’t healthy to be so reliant or dependent on one person.

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Warner Bros. Studios Harry Potter Tour London

Ever since Harry Potter Studio Tours opened in London I have wanted to go. Admittedly I was late to the Harry Potter band wagon (surprise surprise) but I loved reading the books.  So earlier in the year Tom and I booked to go. We were super excited to see the Studio Tour!

We took the train to London and a few more trains to get to the Studio Tour. When we arrived we were super excited. Our time slot to enter into the tour was between 1.30-2pm. Of course the organised people we are, we were in the cue at 1.27pm. That’s how ready we were to start the tour.  Below are some of the photos I took from the day. The pictures aren’t the best because the lighting inside the studio gave off a blue/red hue.

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