My Fave Blog Posts of 2018

Hello everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the festive season! As the year comes to an end I thought I would round up all my favourite blog posts from this year. I haven’t done this type of post before on my blog, so why not make a start now! Whilst I love all the posts I publish, there are always some that mean more than others. Or I just love in general!

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Day Trip to Bristol | Travel Diary

Recently my parents and I went for a day trip to Bristol. Bristol isn’t far from where we live and so we took the train over, ending up at Bristol Train Station which isn’t far from the harbour, aquarium, we the curious and of course Cabot Circus shopping centre. When we went to Bristol Gromit Unleashed 2 was still running, which is a trail around Bristol of different Gromits, Wallace’s and Feathers McGraw. Which if you didn’t know are characters from a British cult classic Wallace and Gromit, an inventor and his dog! The trail raises money for charities with the help of the sculptures, with 60 to find dotted around.

The trail started in June and ended at the beginning of September. Whilst in Bristol with my parents we walked towards the harbour, passing St Mary Radcliffe Church as we went. We stopped outside to take a picture with Gromit and to go inside the church.

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A Trip to Waterperry | Travel Diary

At the beginning of September the UK had a beautiful weekend, and to make the most of it I went with a friend to Waterperry, which is a village just outside of Oxford. I came across this little village whilst scrolling though Instagram, I don’t remember who posted a picture there, but I looked it up on the maps and it was just over an hours drive away. It has been on an open tab on my phone, along with many other things, reminding me of somewhere I wanted to visit.

Making the most of this beautiful weather we made our way over to the village, which has a garden centre and gardens. The garden centre wasn’t very busy and we set off on exploring. To get into the gardens you have to go through two shops and buy your tickets for the garden in the second. For £7.50 each to get into the gardens, which we didn’t realise before we got there, you got an all day pass to the gardens.

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Thoughts On Going Back to Uni

It’s only a few days until I’m back at uni, and to be honest I’m nervous. Not for the course or the work load, I definitely learnt my lesson last year in how to juggle everything on my plate. But more for that the first year went by so quickly. It doesn’t feel like I should be a second year with only this year to go before completing my HND.

Being an ‘older’ student, going back into education it took a lot for me to get back into the swing of, I’d been out of education for a few years. But the whole reason I took the course was to get a qualification in something other than my apprenticeship. I realised that my NVQ wasn’t something I wanted to do forever, and as I had thought I’d missed out on going to uni, getting onto this course I was so surprised. I go into more detail about my first year and how going to uni came about for me here.

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My First Year at University As An ‘Older’ Student

As I write this post I am in the middle of my summer holidays, something I thought I had left behind a few years ago. I never thought going to university was for me, for starters a) I only have NVQ qualifications not A Levels so I didn’t think a university would take me on and b) I never knew what I wanted to take, I always thought an English degree but was never 100% as to which one.

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6 Ways I Aspire To Be Like My Parents

It’s coming up to my parents 25th wedding anniversary and it’s got me thinking about them. They are my favourite people in the entire world and I love spending time with them. So in sort of honour of their wedding anniversary I thought I would write up 6 ways I aspire to be like my parents.

For me my childhood was a super happy one, I adored spending time with my parents and the rest of my family. I have amazing memories, and even though I went through a really bad patch in my late teens, my parents have always been there for me. Always listened and gave advice and I honestly think I have the best parents. That may be biased, but if one day I have my own children, I hope to be as amazing as they are.

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Edinburgh Travel Diary – Day Two

Following on from my Day One in Edinburgh, Sunday was set to be a beautiful day. The night before we decided to watch the sunrise at Calton Hill. For us this was under 15 minutes away from out hotel. Plus Sunday was set to be the better day for seeing the sunrise. So with an alarm set for 4am we got up and got ready to see the sunrise.

The sun was due to rise at 4.38am, however on Google maps the route it took us, part of it was shut. So it took us longer to get to the hill. We arrived at the top of the hill just as the sun rose. It was beautiful. The sun rose over the water and turned the skies a pinky red. At Calton Hill there was also Nelson’s Monument, a view of Arthurs Seat and the National Monument. So we decided to make the most of our early start and view what else is on Calton Hill, it was quite a climb to get there at 4.30 in the morning!

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The Past 5 Months

This year has gone by so quickly it’s unreal. It really doesn’t feel like May. The past 5 months have been crazy, I seem to have been drifting from one assessment to the next without really stopping to breathe. So I thought I would do a little roundup as to where I have been, what I have been up to and where I’d like t be heading.

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