Current Everyday Makeup

Hello everyone, today I have a super easy everyday makeup look that I love to do. This makeup look can really be worn for any occasion if you want something quick and easy. I love to do this makeup when I’m out for the day, meeting friends and generally any occasion I fancy wearing lashes to!

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Easy Autumnal Glam!

Hello, I hope you guys have had a good day! I have been in London visiting the British Museum to see the Sunken City exhibition that’s currently on! I love learning about the Ancient Egyptians! Anyway, to the blog post! I have been really enjoying using red tones in my eye looks. Usually I wouldn’t opt for these shades however, as I am playing with different colours more I am finding more shades I love to wear! This is the final instalment of my Autumn inspired posts, you can check out nails and lips inspired by Autumn too!

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