Becoming Minimalist

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well! After doing my makeup declutter I made a beauty inventory and calculated how much it’s all worth.. and it was slightly more than I predicted. It got me thinking of how much I have and what I actually use on a daily basis.

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Summer Declutter 2018

I did a declutter in April, which you can check out here, and I focused mainly on my eye products. I am so bad at holding onto lip products that I didn’t want to face that challenge! As I don’t often pick up quite a few shades in my collection I thought it was about time I really sorted them out. I also filmed my Makeup Collection & Declutter, which you can check out to see how I store everything here!

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2017 Declutter

My last post of 2017! How crazy how quickly time has gone! I hope you all have had a fab Christmas and enjoy New Years no matter what you do!
More often then not every month I’ll buy myself a new product to try out or just as a treat. Which accumulates to quite a few products and the more space I have to find to fit it all in! So I decided to do a little declutter of all the products I have and really be strict on myself. Usually I’ll keep something ‘just in case’, when actually that ‘just in case’ never comes around. I just end up with products I once used to use a lot and now have moved on, or even products I’ve only used a handful of times and don’t like.

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Mini Makeup Declutter Spring 2017

I love the season changing from winter to spring. Everything is becoming so colourful again and there is new life starting everywhere! Every spring as I swap my winter wear for lighter layers, the season of new beginnings always inspires me to sort everything out. And so having already sorted out my clothes, shoes and jewellery I thought it was only right to give my makeup a bit of a spring clean.  I thought I would share with you the things I’m decluttering from my makeup collection!

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