Christmassy Afternoon

My family and I every year have been going to a local garden centre to see their Christmas displays. They are very extra and are always a great way to spend the afternoon. There are a lot of decorations and if you can think of it, it’s likely there as a Christmas decoration.

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Festive Bow Eyeliner!

Happy Christmas Eve eve! I’m loving festive makeup looks and as for my final look I am doing a bow eyeliner. I was searching the internet for some festive inspiration and I found a black bow eyeliner. So I decided to try it out but instead of using black eyeliner I used red to make it more festive! I found this quite easy to do and loved how it turned out!

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No 7 & The Body Shop Advent Calendar Review

With Christmas Day this weekend it means only a handful of days left of advent calendar opening! Boo! This year I had two advent calendars, one from No 7 and the other from The Body Shop. I’ve never had a beauty advent calendar or two advent calendars in one year, so at the beginning of December I was looking forward to see what hid inside! Now that most of the doors have been opened here is my review of  both calendars!

In the picture above are just some of the goodies I got from both calendars.

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Making A Ginger Bread House!

One thing my Dad and I love to do every year is make ginger bread! In previous years we have made our own ginger bread and decorated them. Every year we always say that we’ll make a ginger bread house and previously it has never come to fruition. So this year we bought a kit in November so we wouldn’t forget!

I’m not sure where we got our ginger bread house making kit from, but there are plenty out there. Ours came with 5 mini houses: a toy shop, a bakery, a chalet, a gabled house and Santa’s House! We first put the houses together using the icing that came in the kit before decorating the houses with icing! My Dad and I took it in turns to ice the houses around the edges and windows. We also added sprinkles, jelly beans and jelly love hearts!

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The Christmas Tag!

Already we are on the second week of Christmas! Crazy! After a lovely few days off last week after having a wisdom tooth taken out (which actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be) I bring to you today The Christmas Tag! I have seen this a few times and I loved reading the answers, so here we go!

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Gold Cut Crease

Happy December! We are finally in the last month of 2016! I love Christmas and I have been loving creating festive looks for the season! For my first festive look I have a gold cut crease with red lips! I have recently mastered the skill of a cut crease, and whilst it still has room for improvement, I am loving wearing it!

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