Summer Empties 2018

Hello everyone! I can’t believe how cold it’s been here in the UK, as a result I have been suffering from a cold over the last week. It needs to hurry up and go! Anyway onto todays post I have all the makeup and skincare I’ve used up over the last 3 months! This year I have been doing empties every three months instead of every two like I did last year, making this one the penultimate one before the end of the year. Which is mad to think about as there is so much of the year left!
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YouTubers/Bloggers Made Me Buy It!

I don’t know about you but I love watching my favourite YouTubers and reading blog posts. And when they rave about their favourite products multiple times, I can’t help but add them onto my mental list of makeup I would love to own. So naturally when I see products YouTubers/bloggers have been using they usually end up coming home with me. So without further ado here are the things YouTubers and bloggers made me buy!

I’ve split it into high end and drugstore, I never realised how many products I’ve bought because of being influenced by other bloggers/YouTubers until I did this!

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Pop Of Green Makeup Tutorial!

Hello everyone! I am back today with a makeup tutorial! As a hazel eyed girl I’ve found it difficult to find shades that compliment my eye colour as I have green on the outside of my iris and brown on the outside. I was specifically looking for a light green shade but it was impossible to find in my local drugstore. So the shade I went for in this look is SEVENTEEN’s Viva Diva eye shadow.

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