Lets Talk: About Being Self Confident

Growing up I was never someone who was naturally confident. I was shy and had zero self confidence. I over thought and over analysed everything and I never felt good enough.  I would look at the girls around me and wonder why I couldn’t be more like them: prettier, loads of friends and super confident.

In junior school I would be teased by the boys, they used to make fun of how big my lips were. They called me fish lips, pulling back their own lips to make them bigger. Being  9 I couldn’t understand why they would make fun of my lips. My parents would just say to ignore it and that they’re only jealous. Which still didn’t make sense to me, why would they be jealous of my lips and convey it by making fun of me?!

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Lets Talk: About A Negative Mindset

Hi guys! I have been thinking lately about starting the first series here on my blog all things I have learnt over the past few years  and I wanted to share tips to help you do the same.  As much as I love makeup and the beauty world, something also important to me is mental health. It’s so easy to become bogged down in everyday life and get caught up in things.

I’m really bad at letting a negative mindset affect my mood and my day. Like I can’t shake that feeling off, it’s like this jacket of negativity is glued to me. Whether the cause of the jacket being put on is down to what someone has said to me, if my blog has a slow day or I feel negative about what I’m doing with my life. Those things can all be solved.  Having a negative mind won’t get me any closer to being happier or those problems being solved. So these are some of the things I do to change my negative mindset that I have learned over the past few years.

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2017 Goal Update | 6 Months In

As we are now half way into the year I thought about doing an update on how I’ve been doing with my goals. At the beginning of the year I wrote Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017 (which seems forever ago!) I wrote a few goals I’d like to achieve this year. Then in April I wrote a 2017 Goal Update, and I am writing another as we are now into the second half of the year.

In the past 3 months I can’t say I have completed much of my goals. I’ve kept up my YouTube channel, although it’s taken a back seat as I’ve been unwell and I lost my mojo a little. But I shall be back and with better and more content! Plus I have been getting a little more experimental with colours too!

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The Concept of Time

As a child I never really understood the concept of time. Being young, time seemed infinite. One day I’d be 16, 21, 30, 40 etc but I never saw my self those ages. I knew that everyday people’s time was up, but I could never imagine myself not being. Now that I’m older and have passed some age milestones, the time literally flies by. It feels like ages ago it was the beginning of 2017 but also like no time at all and we are currently half way through the year.

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Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Although we are now 8 days into the new year and I have written up goals I want to achieve in the next 357 days. I was on the fence on whether it was too late to write this post, but it’s better late than never. 2016 for me was a really crazy year, I know a lot of people have been saying how bad it has been for them and on some things I can agree. I’ve had some pretty tough things go on in my life last year that I never envisioned at the beginning of 2016.


But in all honesty I’m glad I had to deal with tough times because life isn’t always happiness and sunshine (as much as Id like it to be). The toughest thing 2016 brought was being unemployed for a short spell, by unfortunate luck both Tom and myself around the same time. I’ve been working for 5 years and it was so difficult to secure a full time job. Employers either wanted more experience or I had too much. It was a never ending cycle and each interview I began to loose hope that someone would employ me. I also tried working in different environments that didn’t suit me and I realised how nasty some people can be just because I’m different from them. Luckily I started a new job last Autumn and T is about to start his tomorrow.

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