Edinburgh Travel Diary | Day 3

As I had such a busy day on my second day, which you can read about what I got up to here, I decided to have a chill day. I had originally wanted to go to Holyrood Palace, but as the Queen was staying there it was closed to the public. Sabrina does a few different tours in Edinburgh, so it made sense to to do one of hers!

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Day Trip to Bristol | Travel Diary

Recently my parents and I went for a day trip to Bristol. Bristol isn’t far from where we live and so we took the train over, ending up at Bristol Train Station which isn’t far from the harbour, aquarium, we the curious and of course Cabot Circus shopping centre. When we went to Bristol Gromit Unleashed 2 was still running, which is a trail around Bristol of different Gromits, Wallace’s and Feathers McGraw. Which if you didn’t know are characters from a British cult classic Wallace and Gromit, an inventor and his dog! The trail raises money for charities with the help of the sculptures, with 60 to find dotted around.

The trail started in June and ended at the beginning of September. Whilst in Bristol with my parents we walked towards the harbour, passing St Mary Radcliffe Church as we went. We stopped outside to take a picture with Gromit and to go inside the church.

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A Trip to Waterperry | Travel Diary

At the beginning of September the UK had a beautiful weekend, and to make the most of it I went with a friend to Waterperry, which is a village just outside of Oxford. I came across this little village whilst scrolling though Instagram, I don’t remember who posted a picture there, but I looked it up on the maps and it was just over an hours drive away. It has been on an open tab on my phone, along with many other things, reminding me of somewhere I wanted to visit.

Making the most of this beautiful weather we made our way over to the village, which has a garden centre and gardens. The garden centre wasn’t very busy and we set off on exploring. To get into the gardens you have to go through two shops and buy your tickets for the garden in the second. For £7.50 each to get into the gardens, which we didn’t realise before we got there, you got an all day pass to the gardens.

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Day Trip to Bath | Travel Diary

Last week my best friend and I went to spend the day in Bath. I have been to Bath a handful of times,  for me it’s under an hour away on the train, but I haven’t really gone to Bath for any other reason than to go shopping or to their Christmas Market. So when my best friend and I both had a day off we decided to spend the day in Bath and explore more of the city!

We started our trip off with a breakfast date before catching the train over to Bath. It was colder than we were expecting so to warm ourselves up we perused the shops whilst we waited for the sun to work its magic. Bath has lots of shops to choose from, many shops which aren’t local to me so we made the most of seeing what they had to offer.

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Edinburgh Travel Diary – Day Three

After spending two days in Edinburgh, Day One and Day Two,  Monday was our last full day in Edinburgh. We had booked The Real Mary Kings Close Tour. This had been recommended to me from my hairdresser who went to Edinburgh I think last winter. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the tour, I had looked at it online and thought it looked pretty cool to do.

Our tour was booked for 11am, which meant we were able to have a well deserved lay in and a chill morning. The tour lasted an hour and it was so interesting! It was about the people who lived in Mary Kings Close in the 1600’s and their way of life. Our tour guide Chris T was so good at his job, making his character seem real. He knew all his facts and was able to answer any questions anyone had.

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Edinburgh Travel Diary – Day Two

Following on from my Day One in Edinburgh, Sunday was set to be a beautiful day. The night before we decided to watch the sunrise at Calton Hill. For us this was under 15 minutes away from out hotel. Plus Sunday was set to be the better day for seeing the sunrise. So with an alarm set for 4am we got up and got ready to see the sunrise.

The sun was due to rise at 4.38am, however on Google maps the route it took us, part of it was shut. So it took us longer to get to the hill. We arrived at the top of the hill just as the sun rose. It was beautiful. The sun rose over the water and turned the skies a pinky red. At Calton Hill there was also Nelson’s Monument, a view of Arthurs Seat and the National Monument. So we decided to make the most of our early start and view what else is on Calton Hill, it was quite a climb to get there at 4.30 in the morning!

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