Elf Poreless Putty Primer Review

Elf haven’t been a brand I have tried a lot from, when I picked up a discounted set on a whim (which also included their Jelly Highlight) I intrigued to see how their primer would do as I had seen so many people rave about it online.

I don’t really try a lot of primers, they don’t really excite me like a new palette does so when I find one I like I stick to it. The Poreless Putty primer is £8 and is described as:

This skin perfecting poreless putty primer is infused with Squalane to help grip makeup for all-day wear and help protect skin from moisture loss. The velvety texture glides effortlessly over the skin, smoothing over imperfections for a poreless effect.

The packaging is a very simple pot which you dip your finger into get product, which I would personally prefer a squeeze tube or a pump rather than a pot to dip my finger in as it’s not super hygienic. So very basic for £8.

The primer itself is a very light pink and doesn’t leave a residue or film when applied. I like to apply this product on my T-zone by patting it into the skin. I can honestly say I see a difference as soon as this primer is applied. It fills in my pores and once foundation is applied gives a flawless, smooth effect over my skin.

The primer doesn’t feel like silicone nor feel sticky when applied. It feels like a cream and I can’t fault it (other than the packaging). I can see why a lot of people raved about it on social media, it really is worth the hype and for the price it’s a bargain. If you’re on the hunt for a new primer definitely check this out!

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