Christmassy Afternoon

My family and I every year have been going to a local garden centre to see their Christmas displays. They are very extra and are always a great way to spend the afternoon. There are a lot of decorations and if you can think of it, it’s likely there as a Christmas decoration.

The garden centre had themed displays and they are so fun to walk around and see what they chose for their display this year. We all had to wear masks and try to social distance, we went on a weekday so luckily wasn’t busy.

There was a one way system and we walked through the displays and it was so fun to see all the detailing that had gone into their displays.

It was a very different experience this year with social distancing and wearing a mask. I enjoyed my afternoon and love seeing the displays. But it also felt like it shouldn’t be Christmas time yet as I, like a lot of people, really haven’t done much this year to feel like it should be coming towards the end of the year.

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