A Few of My Fave Small Shops

Here in England we are back into lockdown for a month, so with Christmas looming I have discovered some amazing smaller companies to support through these difficult times!

I thought I would share with you some of the brands I have found over the last few months and bought from! Plus there is something so much more fun about buying from a smaller brand, they really put detail into their packaging and customer service!

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Mitra the Label
Emily runs this sustainable bikini brand and they are all made from recycled materials and come in an array of styles and colours! She has been launching amazing designs and colours recently and I am loving seeing her brand grow! She also does custom pieces so if there is anything you want she’ll make it! There is zero waste from her bikinis, and she even makes face masks and scrunchies from scrap pieces!

Slow Garments
Tiff does super cute bikini designs! She custom makes every order, her bikinis are made from recycled materials and there is zero waste! She also makes reusable cotton pads which are a way better alternative to makeup wipes (and cheaper in the long run). She also makes scrunchies, tops, knitted vests and leggings!

Whatever Forever Studios
With the cutest earring possible Alanis has an array of styles to choose from, all hand made by herself! I love her designs and her product shots are the best! I love seeing what new styles she’ll come out with next!

Boutique Second Life
This jewellery company based in London take old and unused designer jewellery and remake and repurpose them into brand new pieces. From necklaces to earring to belts and bracelets, there is a lot to choose from. Plus there are new drops every Friday, with some pieces being a rare find and others being restocked.

I found this brand on Instagram and there are so many unique things to buy from her! All her items are hand made to order and can be customised, from hair clips, to keyring and tools for nail artists. I bought a opal mixing palette so when I do makeup looks I have a something to use rather than the back of my hand (and saves me getting makeup everywhere haha!). I use it all the time, it’s super easy to clean and I’m not sure how I managed without one before! Plus her packaging is super cute!

This is only a very small amount of the amazing shops out there that are sustainable/smaller brands I have loved supporting. I love getting pieces no one else has/custom orders, I feel like the items are so much more special because I know where it came from and who made it! Do you shop from any smaller brands, let me know in the comments below!

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