Urban Decay Perversion Eyeliner | Review

Hey guys, I’ve been branching out more with the makeup I try and I picked up the Urban Decay Perversion eyeliner. I love their Perversion mascara, and had seen the Perversion eyeliner a few times on social media.

I picked up the Perversion Eyeliner for £19 and is describe as:

There are two universal truths about black liquid liner: It can never be too black or too perfect. Nail the look every time with Perversion Waterproof Fine-Point Eye Pen. This super-smooth, free-flowing pen lays down intensely black lines with absolute precision.

We loaded this pen with the ultimate brush and a cartridge system that allows for a constant flow of ink for the smoothest application. Then, of course, we filled it with our notoriously blackest black shade, Perversion. The ultra fine tip glides on smooth without skipping or pulling, providing a smooth, controlled application. Easily create everything from fine lines to bold, thick lines. Our waterproof formula lays down blacker-than-black lines that dry down quickly and last all day (no smudging, running or feathering). You’ll love the color payoff—it’s just like all of our Perversion products.

Using the Perversion Eyeliner

The packaging is super sleek and matches the Perversion mascara, it’s easy to hold and grip for doing liner. The pen itself is felt and has a very fine point.

Initially the pen was easy to use and the ink flowed easily to make a wing. However after only a handful of uses the pen started to feel very dry, the formula started to go patchy and it skipped along my eyelid. This made it 10x harder to get a perfect wing as I had to keep going over and over to get the shape I wanted. I also found that when I went to correct the liner after it had dried it lifted the liner I had already done making it patchy.

I tried it a few more times and the same thing still happened. I was disappointed it didn’t work out for me as most Urban Decay products I tend to enjoy using, But hey ho, can’t win them all! The good thing about the eyeliner is that it is easy to wash off at the end of the day.

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