Elf Jelly Highlighter | Review

On a trip to Boots I found they had an Elf set on sale, as I had never tried anything from the brand I decided to give it a go. The set included some products I had seen lots of beauty influencers rave about so was looking forward to seeing what they were like! Included in the set was the Jelly Highlight, and as I’d been after a new liquid highlight it was a perfect time to try this one!

The Jelly Highlight is £6 and comes in 3 different shades: Bubbly, Cloud and Dew, and are described as:

This smooth, jelly-textured highlighter blends into the skin for a luminous, glowing skin effect. The versatile jelly formula makes it the perfect multi-use highlighter — it can be worn alone, over makeup, or mixed into foundation. It applies wet, and dries to a long-wearing glowy finish.

I have the shade Bubbly, which is a white gold shade. The packaging is a simple pot and the product is loose inside. Which for someone who is prone to dropping things is a slight issue. I also probably wouldn’t take it travelling with me either as I’d be too worried it would spill everywhere.

The highlight is really easy to use, I dip my finger into the pot, tap the excess onto the back of the hand before tapping it onto my cheekbones. It gives the most beautiful glow on the cheeks and I really don’t use a lot of product.

Sometimes I find cream/liquid highlighters can disturb the foundation underneath but this one perfectly sits on top and is so easy to blend into the skin!

I had been looking for a new highlight and this is exactly what I wanted! The Jelly Highlight can be built up to be more blinding and also a little bit can be applied for a subtle glow. I love how versatile it is and I can build up my highlight to be as intense as I want it.

For £6 this highlighter is an absolute bargain and if you’re looking for a new highlight, or a new one to try you need to try this one! The only thing I would change is how basic the packaging is, it would be nicer in a bottle with a dropper so it’s more hygienic/not as easy to spill. What’s your go to highlighter, let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading


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