Peaches & Cream Pigments | Review

For a while I had been eyeing up some Peaches & Cream pigments, I had seen them so much on Instagram and whilst in lockdown I decided it was time to bite the bullet and order some! Plus I knew I’d be in for the delivery!

Based in Liverpool, Peaches and Cream have a range of 60 pigments each £6.95, with plenty of bundles to choose from I decided to go the the bundle of 10 pigments for £55. The pigments are all cruelty free and all are biodegradable, which is a huge bonus as they are great for the environment! Some of the pigments are even vegan friendly!

I chose the shades:
Mermaze – Reflects of teal with undertones of baby pink and lilac
Luxe – Warm apricot glitter with reflects of lilac, blush and gold
Kitten – Pale pink shimmer
Space Hopper – Ultra-smooth neon peach loose glitter eyeshadow with bright gold glitter reflects
Planet Peach – Bright neon coral pink loose pigment
Venom – Shifts of maroon and dark green
Factor 50 – Shimmering orange loose pigment with gold reflect shifts 
Banana Boat – Not-so-mellow yellow pigment with a velvety texture and a shimmer finish 
Maliblue – Aqua-inspired azure blue
Pink Panther – Candy pink glitter

The pigments came really quickly (considering I ordered during lockdown) and arrived a few days after I placed the order. The packaging of these pigments are so cute! Each launch has a different box design, and it really makes them stand out!

To use the pigments Peaches & Cream recommend their own glitter glue and brushes to apply. I used the NYX Glitter glue and my spectrum brushes and the pigments applied really well! They are all so pigmented and so easy to apply! I also found that by tapping off the excess before applying the pigments to the eyes, I hardly had any fall out.

I have really been loving using these pigments! They are so pigmented and are really easy to build up the intensity. Peaches & Cream pigments are such a great addition to my collection, whether to add some colour or add some glitter to a neutral look.

What I really love about this brand is not only are they so supportive of makeup artists online, but they also cater their range to everyone, whether you prefer more natural makeup and only want a little shimmer or if you’re into more colourful sparklier looks!

I highly recommend these pigments if you’re looking for something to really make your makeup looks pop and add a lil pizzazz! Plus they’re from the UK and I love supporting brands here! You can pick up the Peaches & Cream pigments on their website here!

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