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The P. Louise eye base has been a staple for many makeup artists and enthusiasts alike. It has been raved about by so many artists, and I have had in it my collection for a while now, and I have finally gotten around to writing a review!

The P.Louise Base is £10 for a 15ml tube, with 11 shades to choose from and is described as:

A luxurious creamy base to create the perfect blank canvas ready for ultimate colour popping creations. With its super thick consistency and ‘no cracking’ quality, the P.Louise Base is a must have product to have in your kit. Its full coverage formula helps to cancel out any unwanted brow hair and carve out those highly requested fleeky brows.

I have the bases 2 and 0.5, with 2 being perfect for my skin tone and 0.5 being a few shades lighter. The packaging is a sleek black tube, perfect for makeup kits as well as makeup collections.

I do agree the base is thick, it is easy to pat on the eye as a base before applying shadows. I don’t use a huge amount like I have seen some artists use, just enough to evenly cover the entire eyelid as, blending it out the excess onto the nose and temple. I 100% agree it makes eyeshadows so much more pigmented on the eyes! Shadows look more vibrant and intense, really helping looks pop!

A few of the looks I’ve done using the P. Louise Base

I love to use this base to also cut my crease for makeup looks. But I have found it does crack on my eye lid when I do this, no matter how much I set it, unless I have a coloured shadow or pigment on top it’s noticeable the base has cracked. I was annoyed that the base cracks on my eyes, but it’s not super noticeable as lashes cover it.

I have used this base countless times and there is still so much product left. Even though it does crack on my eyes, I still enjoy using this product. But when I have used it up, I would try the P. Louise Blank Canvas paint instead. Do you use a base for eyeshadow, let me know in the comments below!


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