Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner | Review

I haven’t tried a new lip liner in so long, and Charlotte Tilbury is a brand I haven’t really tried a lot from. So when I saw they had a gift set of their Pillow Talk lipstick and lip liner, it was a welcome addition to my collection!

The Lip Cheat Lip Liners are £17 each with 17 different shades to choose from, and described as:

On everyone’s lips right now, this dreamy, nude-pink lip liner is Charlotte’s backstage beauty secret! Creating MAKEUP MANIA across the globe, Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk has a waterproof, velvety formula that glides over skin, helping to re-shape and re-size the appearance of your lips. The barely-there nude shade flatters all skin tones and effortlessly balances out the look of your lips.

The iconic lip liner launched to worldwide acclaim and has become a hero product in the beauty industry. What makes it so magic? It’s the answer to creating fuller, wider looking lips with the most dreamy, lustrous finish.

I can’t lie I love my £4 NYX Suede lip liner, so when I tried this one I sort of wanted to not like it, mainly for the price tag! I have the original Pillow Talk lip liner, there is also a Medium and Intense version of it too. The liner itself is a perfect pink nude, that’s the only way I can describe it. It isn’t too pink, orange or brown toned. It literally falls smack bang in the middle of all 3 and not a shade I have in my collection.

The formula of the liner is creamy and super easy to line the lips. Whilst I don’t over line my lips much it is so easy to use and blend into the lips. I really didn’t expect such a creamy formula. For such a creamy product I wasn’t sure how long it would last. However I was happily surprised when it lasted me all day, through eating and drinking. Of course the lip shade needed topping up, but the overall shape of my lips stayed pretty much the same as when I drew the outline.

At first I wasn’t sure on the shade as it isn’t usually something I would initially go for as I prefer pinkier or more orange toned lip liners. But I actually really love this liner! It can’t be described any other way than the perfect nude. Whilst is it slightly more expensive than I’d like to pay for a lip liner, as I go through them pretty quickly, it is great for saving it for special occasions or just as a treat.

If you’re looking for a new lip liner, or simply to treat yourself, I highly recommend the Lip Cheats from Charlotte Tilbury. There are so many shades, and the Pillow Talk lip liner is definitely one I would repurchase for a lil treat! What is your go to lip liner, let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading, until next time


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