My 2020: January, February, March & April

I can’t lie for the first few months this year I wasn’t really into blogging, I had quite a few of pre-written posts and I was busy getting to grips with my new role at work. But with quarantine I suddenly had a lot of spare time on my hands. So I thought I would get back into writing these posts as I enjoyed doing them last year!


I started a new role within the company I work for, it’s nothing amazing but it’s a step to getting higher up the ladder. I was also really ill for the first few weeks of January so it was was a pretty quiet month. I planned a few days trips out for my birthday in February and that was pretty much it for January.


My birthday month! I pretty much celebrate for the month, did someone say princess? At the beginning of the month I went to Cheltenham with my bestie Meg and we went out for the afternoon, had some dinner and played crazy golf! We also ended up running for our train home, as we underestimated how quickly we could walk back, definitely don’t recommend doing after eating pasta!

Later in the month I went to London with my parents as there was an exhibition on in the Saatchi Gallery. My Dad and I love the Egyptian era, and had seen they were doing an exhibition of Tutankhamun called THE TUTANKHAMUN: TREASURES OF THE GOLDEN PHARAOH. We had decided when we saw it advertised last year it was something we wanted to do, as the exhibit has artefacts that would be their final display before going back to Egypt.

We got the train to London then the tube to Sloane Square, where a mariachi band go through the carriages of our train. I’ve seen it happen to people online but never saw it in real life! It was so fun and totally unexpected! Once off the tube it was only 5 minutes to the museum. The entries to the museum worked in time slots, so we had about 45 mins until our slot was due to be let in, so we grabbed some food before heading back.

The gallery was made of 3 floors and it was so interesting to see all the artefacts and information about them. I loved to read about their beliefs and their way of life. We spent a few hours wandering around the exhibits and reading all the information. It was initially busy as everyone from our time slot was let into the first room all at once, but as we walked round it got less busy as people were taking their time reading and wandering through.I had such a lovely time in London, after the exhibition went got back on the tube and went to Oxford Street for a mooch before heading home.

February was also spent looking for a new car, I had had my car for almost 3 years and it was getting old. It started having the same problems and I’d rather sell it sooner than later when it’s worth more. So as I drove a Mini I was looking for another as I love driving one! I saw a Mini I loved but had already reserved, there was a Golf Polo that looked nice but a bit out of my price range.


My car search continued this month and to my luck the first Mini I looked at became available again as the sale previously fell through. After taking it for a test drive I decided to take the plunge and go for it. Sounds weird but making big decisions on big purchases is a big scary for me, but it’s something I needed to do. So a new Mini came home with me!

Something that happened to all of us this month was the coronavirus, in the middle of the month rumours started going around the UK about a lockdown, then on the 24th March we officially went into lockdown. So the month was a bit crazy as figures of the virus was being released in other countries and everyone panic buying.


A full month on lockdown and it was surreal. I was supposed to be going on a long weekend to Spain with my best friend, instead it was like everyone is on summer holiday but there’s nothing to do and nowhere to go!

In the middle of the month I started working from home, so it gave some normality and routine to my days. I can’t lie it was weird to be in quarantine. I had good days and I had bad days, taking each day at a time. If you want to read more on how I coped with lockdown you can read more here.

Being home so much meant I had time to be as creative as I wanted and making more content like for my blog and instagram. As well as making a few makeup orders, which I’ll post the haul next week, I have really been getting into using more of my collection than the same palettes and shades I usually go for.

So this year has taken some very unexpected turns, who knows where the next few months will take us. I hope you’re all staying safe and well, until next time


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