Current Faves April 2020

I have been slacking recently when it comes to blog posts, I had a few in my drafts that I have finally been posting. I have been super busy with life in general as well as not really feeling like writing anything. But with the lockdown I suddenly had a lot of time to really get creating again!

Botanics Micellar Water
I have quite sensitive skin when it comes to skin products and I have tried a few micellar waters and finally I have found the best one! I bought this on a whim when I was looking for a new one to try. The main reason why I bought it was because it doesn’t have any alcohol in it which dries my skin out. It removes all my makeup in one and is really gentle around the eyes too, so even stubborn mascara can’t escape! Highly recommend this makeup remover, plus it’s pretty inexpensive.

No 7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask
Whilst this mask is supposed to be suited to dry/dehydrated skin and I have combination skin, I have really been enjoying using this as it really helps to hydrate my skin especially whilst the weather has been colder. It also helps to give my skin a boost when it’s a bit duller and in need of some TLC.

Stila Shimmer and Glow Eyeshadows
One of my fave products to use for a super quick and easy look for work. Swipe it all over my eye lids, lightly blend it out and bam eyes are done! My fave shades are Kitten Shimmer and Jezebel.

Fenty Gloss
My all time fave gloss, the formula is so comfy and hydrating. I love putting on a lip liner, lining my lips and blending it in slightly with my finger then putting the gloss on top. I have been preferring it to using lipstick all over then gloss, I find it gives a more natural look.

Urban Decay On The Run Detour palette
I was gifted this lil palette for Christmas and I never knew how much I needed a mini palette in my life until now. I love using this for a super quick makeup look for work when I have around 10 mins spare in the mornings. It has transition shades, deeper brown shades as well as a few shimmer to pop on the inner half of the eyelid. The shades are super pigmented and the shimmers glide on smoothly. I have really been enjoying using this!

No 7 Perfect Light Loose Powder
I love this powder! It leaves such a stunning finish. I use this daily, for a simple makeup look I used a brush to apply this under my eyes and a separate powder to set the rest of my face. If I’m doing a more glam makeup I’ll used a powder puff to press this into my skin, under my eyes, chin and forehead. Pressing the product in until it’s no longer visible on the skin. This really sets the foundation in place and leaves it looking flawless.

Urban Decay Stay Naked Weightless Foundation
I have really been loving this foundation, it is a natural finish and lasts so well on my skin! It does get a little shiny after a few hours wear, but a lot of foundations tend to do that with my combination skin. It’s quickly become my go to foundation!

And those are the main things I have been loving using recently! I’ll try to do fave posts more often as it really makes me think about what products I really love and others I’m not too fussed on! Thank you so much for reading, what products have you been loving lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Current Faves April 2020

  1. Chanelle says:

    Do you have any other shades of the Fenty Gloss Bombs? I tried a couple of samples of the Urban Decay foundation that came with a beauty product I purchased last year but it didn’t seem to sit as well on my skin as other foundations, the sample shade was a little dark so I only used a very light layer of product, perhaps it would be nicer with a thicker layer. Glad you love it though, I’ve only heard good things about it x

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    • Hannah Amethyst says:

      I also have Fu$$y and Diamond Milk from the Fenty Gloss Bombs!
      I only use about half a pump when I use the foundation, maybe try another sample with different primers/setting powders? Before I bought it I got 3 samples of different shades 😅x

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      • Hannah Amethyst says:

        Fu$$y is closest to my natural lip colour so gets used the most but they’re all so pretty on! I have combo skin and it gives a really natural finish. I don’t find it makes me look too shiny nor stick to any dry areas x

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