Lockdown Thoughts

We are currently on lockdown here in the UK and it is just surreal. If you’d have told me back in January that by the middle of March a virus would’ve spread worldwide and the UK, amongst other countries would be on lockdown I’d think you were insane.

I have been keeping myself busy with creating makeup looks, sorting and organising my room, learning Italian and making the most of our walks. But I can’t lie it has been difficult. I never thought how grateful I would feel to just go out and take a walk without thinking about it. Going round my grandparents house for lunch, being able to go out for dinner and to travel wherever I fancied.

Edinburgh last summer

It has been hard some days to feel motivated to get out of bed, but I have found by having a little list of things to do each day help me to be productive. As well as something in my day to look forward to, like watching a movie on Disney+.

Of course I have some days where I just can’t shake off feeling more negative, but it’s okay to have down days. They make us appreciate the happy days more.

Another thing I never thought I’d say is that I miss going to the gym, working out 3 times a week really helps my mental and physical health. I have been doing at home workouts but I find them hard to do with everyone in the house, as well as not having any weights. I have seen few tutorials where people have been putting fruit/veg/heavy bottles in back packs and using those as weights i.e. putting the backpack on and doing squats and lunges. I also miss doing cardio, some days have been really cold for bike rides. I try my best each day to do some form of exercise, sometimes it’s just a long walk and other days I do more. Just taking each day as it comes.

It’s crazy that coronavirus has impacted every single person and every single business. When everything is back to normal, I definitely won’t take going to the beach or out for dinner for granted again. I hope that the smaller businesses can survive this difficult time and can continue trading after.

I for one cannot wait to get back to the gym, seeing friends and family and eating out for a week! During this crazy time it is easy to feel down and slip into unhealthy habits. I’m just taking each day as it comes and giving myself little lists of things to do each day and things to look forward to. What’s something you have been doing to keep positive during this time? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you for reading, stay safe


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2 thoughts on “Lockdown Thoughts

  1. Chanelle says:

    I don’t anyone thought a virus would take over the world and so many countries would be affected, it’s crazy how quickly things changed! I am working from home so I’ve got a bit of a distraction and things to keep me busy most days. I’m feeling less stressed as my workload isn’t as overwhelming as it usually is and I’m less frustrated and sleeping better as a result. It must be tough for those who aren’t able to work and keep a similar routine to the one they usually have. Hopefully this won’t got on for many more months. Rebuilding everything back to how it was will take a while though. Sending lots of love your way x

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    • Hannah Amethyst says:

      It’s so crazy that it’s impacted everyone across the world! That’s good your able to work from home and have more of a routine! It’s crazy that this is the new normal and we’ll have to get used to our old routines again! I just hope a lot of the smaller businesses can make it through! Thank you, you too x

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