Being On Lockdown: Keeping Positive & Productive

The corona virus has hit the UK and we are currently just about to go into the second week of lockdown. Most shops are shut, so are restaurants and small businesses. It still seems crazy to me that the virus has had such an impact all over the world.

We are currently aloud out once a day for some exercise and as well as to get any essentials like food and medicines. The weather during the first week was beautiful, whenever I went out with my family for a walk/bike ride we hardly saw anyone. But it was nice to see people of all ages out for walks and bike rides, making the most of the time off and the weather.

Whilst having time off for a virus that is killing thousands of people, seems unreal to even be typing let alone living through, it has given me a chance to reflect on all the things taken for granted. I have found it hard at times to keep positive and actually get out of bed, so I thought I would share a few things that I have been doing to keep me sane and productive.

Getting some fresh air
Getting out the house has become the key time in our household. The weather has been so sunny, so we’ve made the most of it by going for walks or bike rides. Trying to get in our 10k steps as well as other forms of exercise.
My Dad and I have been doing different at home workouts to help keep strong. There are so many online, which is amazing as it caters to so many different levels of fitness! Whilst I do miss the gym, I have really enjoyed spending this time with my Dad.

Reading a book
I used to love reading, but keep falling out of love with being busy in my day to day life. I could easily spare 15 mins each day to read, it just doesn’t seem to happen! So with all this time off I have been getting back into the swing of it and trying to read a chapter a day!

Learning something new
I have been trying to learn Italian, not even joking, for years. I keep it up for a little while then end up forgetting for a few days which turn into weeks/months! So I am trying to keep up with Duolingo on my phone and doing a few lessons a day! One day I will be more fluent!

Organising/decluttering my room
I love to keep a super tidy room, so sorting everything out (including under the bed!) was a task and a half! Reorganising and sorting everything out was therapeutic, getting rid of things I no longer use/wear and creating more space!

Keeping creative
If you follow my instagram you’ll know I love to create makeup looks, so during this time I have used it to create more content, post more often and really allow myself to get my creative juices flowing! Plus so many brands/influencers have been doing makeup challenges it has been fun to create different things!

Those are the few of the things I have been doing during this time. I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. If you have any tips or things do keep positive/productive whilst we are all staying home, please share them in the comments below!


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