My 2019: October, November and December

Hello everyone, I can’t believe it’s the time for the last update of 2019. I hope you had a great Christmas and New Years! It seemed to go by in a blur and it’s already time for going back to work! I have really enjoyed writing these recaps throughout the year and it’s definitely something I’ll continue into 2020!


I’m not even sure where this month went, I feel like it went by in a blur. I struggled a bit with my mental health and got stuck in a bit of a slump, which sort of went into November as well. I had a few makeup jobs which went well and I went out every weekend with my friends. It was more of a social month with seeing different friends each week, and I really enjoyed going out and seeing everyone.


At the beginning of the month I was still in a bit of a rut with my mental health and to add to that I had a few things to deal with in my actual health. Which is a bit shit and I’m not sure if I want to write about it or not, it’s something I’m not sure how to feel about.

I went to a garden centre for the Christmas displays with my family, which we do every year and had a lovely afternoon with them, which you can read about here. I also went to London for the day, which I loved! One of my best friends and I decided the night before to go to London and go to the Natural History Museum, which we both loved wandering around! We also popped over to Soho to wander down Carnaby. It was such a great day, you can read more about our day here!


This year has literally flown by and I’m not sure how I’m already writing about the last month of the year .. ?! I have been super busy this month spending time with my friends and family, I also got a promotion at work which I’m looking forward to starting in the new year! I had a few days out spent with family and friends, which I loved.

I have been thinking this month about what I want to do and where I want to be next year, I have a few things I am thinking of doing but nothing set in stone yet. Which got me thinking about the goals I want to set for 2020 and the goals I set for this year. I was going to include the goals I set for this year in this post, but it made it too long, so you can read about them here.

Overall I really enjoyed 2019, there were some lows but mainly highs and I have made some amazing memories this year. It’s crazy to me that where you think you’ll be and where you actually end up can be completely different places.

Thank you so much for reading, what are you goals for 2020? Let me know in the comments below!


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