Spending the day in Oxford

Recently I have had a few long weekends as I had holiday to use up before next year, so I have had a few days out to cities near me. At the beginning of December I went to Bath, and last week I went to Oxford with one of my best friends.

We decided on the train there that we were going to go to the museum and Junkyard Golf Club, as well as the Christmas markets. The train station isn’t far from the city centre, so as we walked in we decided to grab some lunch first. We went to Slug & Lettuce, I’ve never had food there, I’ve only been for the cocktails. I tried the Red Pepper Humous open sandwich, which was okay but I wouldn’t have again as I found it quite salty.

After we decided to go the museum, which is two in one. One half is Pitt Rivers Museum and the other half Natural History. We did both, going to museums is something I really enjoy doing as I find it so fascinating to see the displays.

After we finished wandering around, my feet were already aching so we decided to go to The Alchemist via the Christmas markets. I sort of know my way around Oxford city centre and we found the Christmas markets, but to be honest it was nothing much in my opinion. They were cute to walk through but I’m glad we didn’t just go for the markets.

We then made our way to The Alchemist which is a cocktail bar with a twist. A lot of the drinks on offer are all based on chemical reactions, some bubble, change colour, are on fire or let off steam. It is so cool to watch the drinks being made. I chose a Bubble Bath and my friend chose the Colour Changing One. It was fairly busy in the bar, and before we got a second a huge group of people came in and started ordering at the bar, so we just decided to leave it at one then go play crazy golf.

I love playing crazy golf, I don’t know what about it I love so much but I will never turn down a game of crazy golf. There are 3 different courses to chose from, we chose to do two of them as they are 8 holes each: the Pablo course which is a jungle theme and Gary which is a scrapyard theme. There’s also Bozo which is circus theme. The whole vibe in the golf club was so cool, they played some banging tunes and you could also get some cocktails either alcoholic or not such as Post Melone and Hotline Ting.

We had so much fun playing crazy golf, I think it’s my new fave place for crazy golf! I really enjoyed the two courses we did, I think if we did them all my feet would’ve fallen off by the end! But it’s always something to do next time I’m there! After it was getting dark and we had done so much walking! So we slowly made our way back to the train station. We had such a good day in Oxford, it was so good to go back after not being for so long!

I have had the best few weeks spending time with my friends and family, I have another long weekend coming up before Christmas and I am undecided where I’ll end up. Do you have any recommendations where you like to go for a day out? Let me know in the comments below for some inspiration!

Thank you so much for reading


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