A Day Trip to London!

A little while ago I had a long weekend and wanted to go on an adventure. I had put up a poll on my Instagram stories different places to go and London was highly voted for, so on the Saturday night my best friend and I decided to go to London the next day. I haven’t been to London in quite a while and have wanted to go to the Natural History museum.

So off we went Sunday morning on our adventure, we got the train into Paddington. We got there just before lunch time and made our way to the Natural History Museum. We navigated the tube pretty well and eventually got to the museum. As it was near Christmas they had an ice skating rink up and food stalls outside.

Visiting the museum is free, although they recommend a £5 donation to help keep it up and running. As soon as you walk in there is a huge skeleton of a blue whale welcoming you. We didn’t know where to start with all the exhibitions, so we decided to go to the top and work our way down. Along the second floor there are lots of displays of rocks and minerals, there is also The Vault room which has some very sparkly diamonds and other gems. There is also a treasure room, which has 22 different objects all from different periods of Earth’s history.

We then went back down to the ground floor and found the coolest exhibit, a huge moon. Whilst it was such a simple display, it was just the best. We had so much fun taking it in turns to hold the moon and posing!

After we made our way to the second coolest part of the museum, the dinosaurs! I love Jurassic Park and Jurassic World so seeing an exhibition on dinosaurs was so fun! They had a huge animatronic T-Rex, and so many life-sized skeletons! The only downside was it was so busy in this area, and you had to walk along a path, meandering around to see all the exhibits that often you couldn’t stand and read the information as people behind would keep pushing through.

We then wandered around the mammals section and then into the volcanoes and earthquakes section. There was so much to see and it was so cool. We had a great time at the museum.

After we wandered through Kensington and walked through Hyde Park. I have never been to Hyde Park and it was really nice, but I didn’t expect it to be as big as it was! Not what we expected when all we wanted was to find somewhere to eat and sit down! We ended up going to the nearest tube and going to Oxford Street, mainly to find food as well as wander through Carnaby Street!

We timed it perfectly getting to Oxford Street, it was just before the sun started to set, all the lights above the street turned on and it was beautiful! When we wandered to Carnaby Street to see what decorations they had, and it didn’t disappoint! They had a Project Zero display, showcasing different areas of the ocean that need conservation. The display was so pretty as it lit up!

Wandering back through Oxford Street we decided to make our way home as our feet were killing us! We had such a good trip to London, I surprised myself in not feeling anxious once and I really enjoyed the city. I’ll definitely make another trip again soon!

Where’s somewhere you’d like to visit? Let me know in the comments below!


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