My Experience with Online Dating

In this day and age it’s not uncommon to find a partner via the internet, whether it be through Instagram, Twitter or Tinder. Finding love isn’t what it used to be and the internet can make it even more difficult to find a genuine person.

Having been single for a while now it was only a matter of time before I gave tinder a whirl. If you haven’t heard of tinder it’s basically an app where you swipe left or right for someone you think you’re interested in getting to know with only going on their appearance or what they write about themselves in the bio.

At this point I have downloaded tinder a few times, due to either getting bored with the app or just not finding anyone worth being on there for. I haven’t met many guys I’ve spoken to on tinder mainly because the conversation usually goes like this: Hey, how are you? Where do you live? Do you have snapchat? Of course I’m generalising here, but that was how 90% of the conversation went. Or the guys were only after one thing and that is not what I am on tinder for, but it’s not a bad thing if that’s why you’re on there.

A lot of the time the conversation just naturally stopped, so it got very repetitive having the same type of conversation over and over but with different people. I have only met three boys in real life from matching with them on tinder.

One guy I met up with we had been speaking for a little while and when we met up I felt a little awkward at first, but we had good conversation and it went okay but no further than that. Another guy I met up with we had matched twice (as I had deleted it then re-downloaded a few months later) and we met up, ending up going on a handful of dates. I was enjoying getting to know him and seeing where things went, and he’d said he felt the same. However, one day just chose not to reply and that was that.

Another guy was very nervous and didn’t relax through the date, which is fine. Some people are more nervous to meet new people, it made me feel quite awkward as there was nothing I could do to make him more relaxed. It had to come from him. He was also quite negative about a lot of the things we spoke about, which for me isn’t an attractive quality.

Of course it’s annoying to put your time, effort and money into getting to know someone just for them to leave you on read without saying what changed their mind. But as a wise friend said, it’s not a me problem it’s a him problem. Everything happens for a reason.

Whilst tinder hasn’t put me off dating, I’m one frog closer to finding my prince, it has definitely taught me a few things. I’m not going out of my way to look for anything. I have found the more I look for someone the more I don’t find it and when I’m not actively looking someone pops up out of no where.

Whilst my experience of online dating hasn’t been great, I know so many people who have found love via the internet! Have you found love through the internet or are online dating? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to know your thoughts on online dating!


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6 thoughts on “My Experience with Online Dating

  1. Chanelle says:

    You are not generalising when you say that’s how 90% of Tinder conversations go haha 😛 once someone finds out I don’t have Snapchat they usually stop talking to me because they know they won’t get what they’re after. I’m not dumb and I won’t be taken in by guys who are just after one thing, like you not everyone uses Tinder for random hookups. The one positive thing about online dating is I feel it makes me braver, I wouldn’t probably walk up to a guy in real life and start casually chatting but I feel like on the app it’s easier to do that. If someone isn’t right for me or I don’t think the situation could go anywhere I will say and people appreciate that too – it’s much better than randomly disappearing on someone. All the best with your dating journey xx

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