My 2019: July, August & September

I can’t lie, with everything going on starting a new job and life in general I forgot about writing these posts! My last update was at the end of June, which you can read about here, which feels like forever ago!


I went on my first solo holiday to Edinburgh for a few nights and I have the best time. Whilst it was a little daunting to be on holiday alone, I got into the swing of it. I loved every second of being in Scotland, it’s one of my fave cities and I will definitely be making another trip up and exploring more of Scotland! You can see what I got up to on my first and second day, third day, fourth day and fifth day if you fancy seeing what the city has to offer!

This was also my last month off before I started my new job, I had unintentionally had a break from full time work. Which I was apprehensive about at first, but once I was in the swing of things I enjoyed the time off. I have worked for so long without ever taking a break, and so I made the most of it, which you can read about here!

I also started dating, which was weird for me because I had never used dating apps to meet people and go on dates. I had always dated people I knew previously.


I started my job in this month and it was an adjustment to get used to a new routine and getting used to my new team. The job role is in an office which is something I have never really done before, and so is a welcome change.

Whilst it was nice to have time off during the summer and be able to go on holiday, I looked forward to getting into a new routine and a new job role.


September seemed to fly by, I settled into my job role and found my feet there. I also worked a lot on my mental health, I’m not sure if it’s the change in season or what. I have also been spending a lot of time with the people I love, going out a lot and making memories.

I have not been doing a lot for my blog recently either, for the last month or so I haven’t been writing as much as I had been or paying attention to stats etc. Whether I am growing out of it or I just needed a bit of time away I’m not sure. As much as I love my blog I have been adjusting to a new routine and haven’t prioritised it as much as I had been. For now I’ll keep posting when I feel like it rather than feel pressured to stick to a schedule.

It’s crazy to think we are now in the last bit of 2019 and 2020 will soon be here, life just keeps going by faster and faster! Until next time


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