Do I Fit Into a Niche?!

Recently I have been thinking about my blog and social media and how it doesn’t really fit into a niche. I felt like I didn’t know were I slotted into the blogging niches. Which made me think about maybe trying to just focus on one thing rather than have a few things I like to write about.

I know this may sound trivial, bloggers write because they want to share their passion. The same for instagram, people share photos of what they want others to see. Looking at other instagram accounts and bloggers, a lot focus on one aspect of their passion whether it be fashion, beauty, travel or lifestyle.

When I first started blogging it was solely a beauty blog, which I then after a little while expanded into more personal and lifestyle posts. Eventually adding in travel posts. Now I have this little slice of the internet that has a mixture of all the things I enjoy, which isn’t a typical niche.

Earlier in the year I felt a little lost about what content I was producing and so focused more on beauty as that’s what I started with. But as much as I love makeup, I wanted to include other aspects of my life and not just one thing. So my instagram might not be the most aesthetically pleasing, themed account, but it’s an account that I love to post on. Whether it be a makeup look or what adventures I’ve been on. I went back to posting what I wanted and not thinking about having a theme on my social media, or my blog for that matter.

My niche in the blogging world isn’t one specific thing, my niche is me. We all write and share things that are part of our lives, passions we want to share. No matter what passion that is, whether it be focusing on one passion or having a handful. I am enjoying my blogging niche and the path it is taking me. Niches are created all the time, no matter if you have a certain niche or create your own.

I don’t know about you but I’ve definitely written/read niche way to many times and now it sounds weird, anyone else ever get that when saying a word too many times?! So that’s it for my ramblings on feeling like I didn’t have a niche I felt like I fitted into. It’s okay not to have a niche, create your own and own it like the boss you are!


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7 thoughts on “Do I Fit Into a Niche?!

  1. Erin says:

    Omg i have felt like this to, i tried it for a while but it felt boring and i felt lost, trying to fit in. I’m not the typical blogger my aesthetic are often all over the place and i think as times go on I care less and less. If I like and enjoy how things look or what I’ve written then thats all that matters.

    I see so often people stop doing things for themselves and only do things for their audience and obviously you want people to enjoy what you are putting out there but its also important to remember that you created or started for you.

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  2. aannabel says:

    I agree with this so much, I also have a blog and I write a lot of different kinds of posts, I never had one niche, I created my own 🙂 I think it’s hard to have one niche, there’s so much I like to write about and have passions for and my blog is so much better when I stay true to myself and don’t overthink it , I think a lot of other people give tips for blogging just like people give tips for skincare and makeup and school etc.. but I think everything comes down to what works for you, everyone is different there isn’t just one way of doing things

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    • Hannah Amethyst says:

      Having one niche I find just isn’t for me, as you said there is so much to write about and share! I have definitely overthought the type of content I produce/feel like I have to produce, but now everything I publish is because it’s something I’m interested in or would want to read about myself!

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