YouTube Made Me Buy It #3

Social media is fast becoming my way of shopping, seeing what other beauty lovers have been using and loving. More often than not I’ll see a product be used by multiple beauty lovers, all raving about how good it is. Which often leads me to look at online reviews/see the product in-store to see if it’s worth adding to my collection. Especially if I’ve been after a new product to try i.e. concealer. I have done a few other Youtube Made Me Buy It (see #1 here and #2 here), as it’s been a while since I did my last one, here’s the latest products I’ve bought thanks to social media!

Becca Aqua Luminous Concealer
I bought this as I had seen Desi Perkins among other YouTubers use this and so when in Space NK this lil gem came home with me. It is a hydrating concealer that helps cover up my under eyes and I really like this concealer.

Fenty Gloss Bomb
I love lip gloss, especially this one. There is something about this gloss that is like no other in my collection, it just feels so smooth and hydrating on my lips. I have Fenty Glow and I plan on getting the others that have been released, I just love this gloss. Whether it be worn on its own or on top of a nude, either way my lips are looking good!

Kylie Lip Products
I feel so so late to this bandwagon, but I was finally swayed to trying Kylie’s lipsticks. Whilst I am a fan of the velvet liquid lipstick, I’m not a fan of her glosses as I found them too sticky.

P.Louise Eyeshadow Base
As a beauty lover, this was high on my list of goodies to try. I have seen this all over Youtube as well as Instagram. This is an amazing eyeshadow base, shadows apply so pigmented on top. Plus it makes cut crease looks super easy to achieve. I found with using concealers the shadows creased on my eyelid as I have hooded eyes, whereas using this base doesn’t make shadows crease! Making my eye looks last all day!

Dose of Colours Desi x Katy palette
Desi Perkins is one of my fave beauty influencers, so when I saw she was coming out with a second collaboration with Dose of Colours that would be available at BeautyBay, I knew it had to make it into my collection. Initially I was on the fence about this palette, but the more I’ve used it the more I love it!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation
Stick foundations have been huge, and I’d never seen one that took my fancy until I saw the ABH at T.K Maxx for £9.99 and I am in love with it! This foundation isn’t full coverage but can be built up without looking cakey. It sits so well on my combination skin without breaking up or oxidising.

NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade
I never thought I’d be a pomade kinda girl, but the NYX pomade has changed that! I find it super easy to achieve my desired brow and they don’t budge all day! The shade I have, Brunette, does have a slight red undertone but I don’t mind it as it blends well with the natural colour of my brows.

There are a few more products I could mention, but I didn’t want to make the post too long so I’ve saved them for a future post! Thank you so much for reading! What products have you picked up thanks to social media?


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