Edinburgh Travel Diary 2019| Day 5

My last day in Edinburgh, my train left at 1 and I was glad I picked a later train to go home rather than a 9am train. I got up early to finish packing my suitcase, have breakfast and make sure I had everything I needed for my final outing. You can see what I got up to on my first and second day here, my third day here and my fourth day here.

I decided to go to the Camera Obscura and World of Illusion’s on the Royal Mile, the website said it was best to go when they have just opened as not a lot of people go at 9am. I made it there as it had just opened, bought my ticket and made my way to the top floor. They recommend doing the 6th floor first and working your way down as there is a talk every 20 minutes on the camera obscura. The first talk was at 9.20 so I wandered around the third floor first, Eye Spy Edinburgh. I think this was my favourite just because it had an infinity corridor and I felt like I was in space.

After I then made my way up to the sixth floor and looked out around the city as the rooftop has pretty much a 360 view of the city. The Camera Obscura talk was so interesting and was nice as the room can fit 40 people in but there were only 12 of us so it wasn’t crowded. Just using mirrors and a concaved wooden table you could see all over the city. It was so cool!

After the talk I made my way back down through all the floors The fifth floor is the Magic Gallery and it was so interesting to look at all the pieces on display and interact with a few. A lot of the interactive displays you needed a partner for, which sucked a little as I was on my own. But it just means I’ll have to come back with someone!

The fourth floor was Light Fantastic, which again had interactive displays. I enjoyed wandering around and trying the displays. Finally the second floor was the Bewilderment and it was so fun! There was a mirror maze which I was ‘lost’ in for a good 20 minutes, mainly due to taking pictures and recording the lights changing. I also managed on more than one occasion to bump into the mirrors, I had one hand out and the other holding my water bottle and phone! When someone came up behind me it also scared the life out of me as they were reflected in about 6 different mirrors and so I couln’t figure out where they actually were.

When I made it out there was one more display but it was closed. There was a man inside, so I hoped they were just opening it. I took a few photos of the displays and wandered back to the last display, it was called the Vortex. A family were in front of me and one of the girls looked through the tunnel and told her mum she couldn’t do it. From the side the vortex looked fine, but when you looked directly through it it really messes with your head! Walking though it I felt like I couldn’t walk straight, even though the tunnel was straight! It was such a bizarre feeling!

After I wandered back down to the Royal Mile, ready for another ice cream. This time from Mary’s Milk Bar, a recommendation from Sabrina. I chose salted caramel and it was delicious! As it was coming up to lunch time I wandered back round to Princes Street Gardens and grabbed something to eat in one of the cafes overlooking the gardens. As my train was just after 1pm, I had about an hour until I needed to be at the train station, so I sat in Princes Street Gardens for a little while watching the world go by.

Eventually I had to go and get my suitcase before making my way to the train station. I underestimated how long getting my suitcase would take and I had 12 minutes to get from my hotel and onto the train. Which I don’t recommend doing as I was a little stressed walking as fast as I could hoping I’d make my train!

I had the best time in Edinburgh, it’s honestly the best city I have ever been to and will continue to keep going back and seeing more and more of the city! What country/city is on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you for reading, until next time


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