Edinburgh Travel Diary | Day 4

Hello everyone, today’s post is all about my fourth and last full day in Edinburgh! I had done so much in my time there already, which you can read about my first two days here and my third day here!

I decided that I wanted to watch the sunrise over Calton Hill again, as I had done so last year. I really love watching the sunrise, it’s such a peaceful time of day. My hotel was only a 15 minute walk to Calton Hill, so I left just after 4 incase I got lost like last time. But luckily this time it was pretty much a straight walk there.

The city was so quiet as I walked there, only a handful of people waiting for the bus or builders starting their day. I got to the hill with time to spare. I was the only one up there for a little while before a few more people started to arrive. Last time I watched the sunrise at Calton Hill it was a lot busier, but I think that was because it was the weekend.

Sunrise at Calton Hill

I sat down and watched the sunrise. It was cold on the hill, so I was glad to have the scarf I’d bought the previous day on! After a little while I made my way back to the hotel and went back to sleep for a few hours. I decided to walk up Arthur’s Seat. I had seen it last time I visited, but not realised it was there until I was there. Initially I was going to get the bus there, but I missed the bus and it was a half an hour wait until the next, and Google Maps said it was a 40 minute walk. So decided to just walk. Luckily for me Google Maps would’ve taken me a longer route, but I realised there was a quicker route.

It took me around 25 minutes to walk to Holyrood Gardens, which is at the base of Arthur’s Seat. It was a really warm day, and I was once again wearing all dark colours! I walked a little way up before I stopped to eat some lunch. I had bought a meal deal at Boots and ate in in the shade of the bushes. I rested for a little bit before making my way to the summit.

Before walking to the summit there is a flat piece of land that you can look out on and see the city. There are steps that take you to the near the top of the summit. After you literally climb the rock face, which I was not prepared for. I’m not the best climber and being on my own I didn’t have anyone’s hand to hold to help me out.

I made it to the summit, where there was a bag pipe player and you can see all across the city. The views were beautiful, I enjoyed being at the top. Getting down however was a different story, as it was rock face I was lowkey nervous that I’d fall. So I slid down on my bum and hoped my cycle shorts wouldn’t rip!

I made it down to the bottom and wandered back to the city centre. I enjoyed walking up Arthur’s Seat and felt in need of an ice cream for a pick me up. So I went to Mackie’s of Scotland and had a half vanilla and chocolate whippy ice cream.

After wandering around Princes Street Gardens I made my way back to my hotel to freshen up ready to get some dinner. I decided to go to Rose Street Gardens as they had quite a varied menu. I had the Rose Street Pad Thai, which was nice, but I forgot to ask for no peanuts (I really don’t like nuts) so it ruined it a little as it was literally covered in peanuts. So I pushed as much of the peanuts off as possible and still liked it.

As the evening was my last, I made the most and wandered back to Princes Street Gardens. It was a beautiful evening as the sun was setting over the city. I was sad to be going the next day. I couldn’t believe how lucky I had been with the weather and managing to do so many things in such a short space of time. Next week will be the last Travel Diary in Edinburgh (for now)! Thank you so much for reading, until next time


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