Mid-Year Favourites 2019

I’m not sure how this has happened, but somehow I have yet to do a favourites this year. I have been trying a lot of new products this year and have found some new faves. I also wanted to mix it up and share a few lifestyle things I have also been loving!


Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Concealer
I love this concealer, this does everything I want a concealer to do and more. It covers my dark circles and makes me look like I’ve had the best sleep. Blending into my skin perfectly, leaving a hydrated glow.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb
I love this gloss, it’s not sticky and leaves my lips looking plump and luscious! Plus it looks great over a nude lip or worn on it’s own!

Dose of Colours Friendcation palette
When I first got this palette I was really not the fence about whether I liked it or not. But after using a few more times I really like this palette, this shimmers really convinced me. They are so pigmented and beautiful on!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On eye pencil in Stash
This is a really gorgeous green that makes my hazel eyes pop! It’s not too yellow green nor a blue green but the perfect green for me! I love it for both going out and an every day look as it really brings out my eye colour!

Topshop Shimmer Powder Blush in Live a Little (gifted)
I am not usually a fan of shimmery blushes, but during spring and summer I have been reaching for this blush more and more. It blends in nicely with my highlight and gives my cheeks a subtle glow that looks radiant and healthy. The shade is quite pigmented and a little goes a long way.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation
I bought this from T. K. Maxx and it was such a bargain at £9.99 instead of £25! The formula is a light to medium coverage and is buildable. It’s more on the matte side without making my skin look dry or cakey. I have been using a lot during the spring/summer as it’s a light base that covers everything I need to without making me look super shiny thought the day.

SoSu Lashes
I bought these for my end of year show and I fell in love instantly! I love the SoSu lashes, for £5 they are such good quality and last! I have reused mine so many times without the lash band fraying or starting to break. My fave styles are Holly and Milan!

Face Halo
I really love this little magic pad. It removes makeup so easily and reduces the amount of products I use as well as waste in the environment. I cannot fault this product in anyway, it has been so good for my skin with not using cotton pads as often nor as much micellar water.

Ole Henrickson Glow 2OH Dark Spot Toner
I have seen so many beauty influencers rave about Ole Henrickson, especially the Dark Spot Toner. Since changing my contraception my spots seems to just be under my skin without coming to the surface, so I was most intrigued by this toner. I didn’t think I’d ever be impressed by a toner but I can really see a difference this one has made to my skin. My under skin spots don’t seem to hang around for long. Don’t get me wrong there are more stubborn ones, but overall this has had such a impact on my skin. I’ll definitely be trying more from Ole!


Jojo Moyes Me Before You Trilogy
I have such an on/off relationship with reading. With being so busy at uni I didn’t really read much, but towards the end I started to pick it up more and I have really enjoyed this trilogy. The stories are an easy read and I find myself lost for hours within the pages.

Stephen Fry Mythos
This one I am currently reading, but I’m still counting it as I am really enjoying it. This is a two-part series I think and it’s a great read. It’s all about Greek mythology, I have always been intrigued by mythology more so the Egyptians but the Greeks are a close second. I find it so interesting to read about, and Fry makes it easy to understand and follow!

Nike Air Force One’s
Usually I am a Van girl through and through. I love wearing Vans, however they don’t do white ones I like and for the summer I wanted a white shoe as most of mine are black. So when I saw these I decided to try something different. I always liked the Air Forces, but not sure if they suited me where I’m so used to wearing Vans all the time. But they are so comfortable and don’t rub my feet!

Good Girl by Carolina Herrera
I love perfume but can never find a cruelty free one that I love. So when I bought Good Girl, it came up as cruelty free but some websites say it is and others say it isn’t, it’s a little confusing. Nonetheless I love the smell and isn’t like any other perfume I have, plus the bottle is so unique. More often than not Boots have discount on their perfumes or points deals so it’s definitely worth waiting until they have deals on before buying. Mine is the 50ml as it had £10 plus I got student discount on top of that!

Those are all the things I have been loving so far this year! I’ve narrowed it down so the post isn’t super long, what have you been products have you been loving so far this year? Thank you so much for reading, until next time


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