My 2019: May & June

Hello everyone, I can’t believe we are half way through 2019 and in July! Where is this year going?! The last two months have been a blur, so much has happened and so many things have changed!


May seemed to fly by for me. I spent a lot of May getting ready for my end of year show at university, I handmade a wig and costume which took a lot of planning and time to make. I also handed in my notice at my (now) old job. I had been working in the same industry for around 6 years, which seems like an age looking back at where I started. I started as an apprentice and ended leaving a deputy (with the offer to be room lead). I decided that even though I was good at my job, I needed to get out. The environment was at times a horrible place to be, not good for my mental health nor my wellbeing.

The decision to leave was a tough one, going into the unknown and starting something completely new was quite daunting for me. However, as soon as I handed in my notice I felt so much better within myself. I was a lot happier at work knowing my days were numbered there, even the other girls at work noticed how much my mood had improved just by handing in my notice!

At the time of handing in my notice I had a different job offer in the same industry, but even though I had the job offer it never materialised. So I was back to getting interviews which leads me into..


My end of year show piece based on the theme sweets, I chose ice cream as my inspiration

My final few university classes and end of year show, it is so crazy how quickly the last two years have flown by! My end of year show was amazing and I loved creating my final piece.

I have been lucky on the job front as I had been offered two different positions at the same company, the start dates aren’t until July, which is a little annoying as I’m not going to be paid for a while. BUT it does allow me to go on holiday, focus on my blog more and get creative for my Instagram. I have worked for a very long time without having any length of time off, so this is like a lil well deserved break over the summer where I can just do me.

I also started getting better at going to the gym the last few months. Since I joined in March I stuck to the doing the same routine when I was there. I didn’t really venture onto many machines as I didn’t know how to use them properly. But I have recently been going with a friend and I feel much more confident to use different machines and use the weights more too!

Other than finishing university and finding myself a new job, I have also been working on myself. I often forget to take care of me, things like doing a face mask, reading a book, getting a better routine at the gym and making more time for my blog! That’s all I have been up to the last two months, I am going on holiday at the very end of June (as you’re reading this I’m currently there!), so I’ll include it in the next My 2019 post in August!

Thank you so much for reading, until next time


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