Unexpectedly Without a Job

Hello everyone, as I sit here on a sunny afternoon writing today’s post in my garden I feely oddly happy. I finished at my job a few weeks ago and I don’t start my new job until the end of July.

This job hiatus isn’t planned. In fact I was supposed to have started a completely different job by now to the one I’m starting in July. What happened was I took another job as a senior to the job role I was doing in education. The following week I handed in my notice and looked forward to my new start. However, the company messed me around. Not sending me a confirmation letter for the job and every time I tried to contact them the manager would always have a reason not to take my call.

Had I known this I wouldn’t of handed in my notice so early, hindsight is a wonderful thing. I had a in interview at the end of May for an office role, I was going to cancel it as I had taken the other job. But I never got round to cancelling it, it’s a good thing I didn’t. So I took the interview and a few days later I got offered the job, which I accepted. So informing the other company I wouldn’t be working for them, the company suddenly had everything ready for me to start.

So I either took the original job in the industry I have been in for around 6 years or the job in something completely different. I decided to go for something completely different, I have had enough of being in education. It’s no longer something I have been passionate about nor something I want to further.

Whilst the office job doesn’t start for another month, it’s been a welcome break. At first I was worried about money as I have always had an income, and two months with nothing was not something I wanted to do. I know I could get a short term role, but now I have had a few weeks off I have felt happier than I have in a while. Just doing me and focusing on things that me happy, like creating more content for my blog and instagram!

Completing university in something I’m passionate about, building my client base as a freelance makeup artist and starting a new job in something I have never done before, all in a short space of time has been a lot to adjust to. But I feel really optimistic about the future. I have even booked a holiday before I start my new job.

Whilst the financial side of not having an income for a few months means it’ll be a tight squeeze, it’s a compromise I can make with having a holiday and just enjoying the next few weeks. Almost feels like I’m back at school in the summer holidays, waiting for the next chapter to start. Except I’m not at my grandparents everyday and my parents aren’t taking me to the beach!

So whilst I initially viewed it as a little negative not working for a while, I’ve never been unemployed or had an actual break from working for longer than a week or so. I no longer view it as something negative, it lets me pretend I’m a full time blogger for a little while! Thank you so much for reading, until next time


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12 thoughts on “Unexpectedly Without a Job

  1. Kristen Grace says:

    Congratulations on the new job and for facing everything with a fantastic attitude!

    Being in the field of education is a LOT more draining than People think. If you don’t have the passion, it’s difficult to stay with it.

    It looks like you have a bright future ahead of you!

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